Friday, 28 August 2009

Cat & Humat eating habits

Spotted a variable bird  for my diet

I often wonder about our eating habits and those of our humats helpers and to be honest here I can't say that I can see a lot of similarity... Like us humats like also to eat often and a lot...unlike us though they like to give different names to their food times during the day which often makes me wonder as I can't seem to able to understand why they don't simply eat when they are hungry, this kitty here meeowno understand. The annoying thing is that they try to impose those silly rules to us...we have to eat like them at certain, I don't think so, we are kitties and we will eat when hungry... I would like to eat when my belly tells me that needs filling and not when my humat thinks that I should...meoww!
The other thing is that humats like us like a lot nice tasty meat and fishy...they eat like us a lot of tuna (they seem to love tune more than we do actually....hmmm fancy a bit of tuna now...stop it now kitty concentrate on your paws typing here) and other fish...salmon, sardine, cod...etc. Of course they tend to eat it nice and fresh and we getting from a tin or sachet and it doesn't always look like fish or meat for that matter. Sometimes it smells like fish but the appearance is yuk!
We also like the same types of meat that humans eat and in even in some cases our diet appears to have more variety and to be richer as it also includes small mice, slugs, frogs and of course juicy insects like flies (which humats think that they don't taste nice without even trying them.... consciously that is as every kitty knows too well that humats secretly often swallow small insects particularly when they are sleeping, walking, etc). We also don't mind eating other stuff that too humats like eating like diary products including yogurt, cream and milk, (although not all kitties can tolerate or like cows milk), a lot of green (including their plants and flowers), biscuits and some kitties seem to like other exotic food like olives, ice-cream, some fruit...well each one with his own tastes and preferences...And of course humats like us they often enjoy eating some of our fur too (for getting some roughage) often with their own food. So humats don't be so mean and selfish when you eat and us kitties want to taste what is on your should consider it a honour that we want to share your food as we consider you at times of course quasi-equals to us. 

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