Friday, 4 June 2010

Summer thoughts

Not the coolest spot in the house....

I do like summer...don't get me wrong summer is a great season...nice weather, lots of birdies outside and even the humits tend to be nice and more...understanding when it comes to food and snacks...when they are in a good mood they will forget all about diet and excess weight and they will give you little treats when you play it cute and innocent...oh those humits they are so easy to work with just love them.
Anyway back to I said I do like it as a season, it is nice...long days, nice weather, etc but then you do get those extreme days which humits call heat wavez or something...when it does get too hot for a kitty like me who has a lot of fur and...a lot of's all fur not excess weight...I'm not falling to that old trap...
Then when it is too hot it becomes really difficult to try and find cold spots in the house...especially since humits are obsess with carpetz which are not only too hot to snooze in the summer (OK in the winter I guess when it is cold...maybe...) but also tend to pick a lot of kitty fur and humit hair too (I keep telling them that there is a lot of their hair there too but they think they know better and they believe differently). Then you have the humits complaining constantly (which at times becomes really boring and monotonous hearing them moaning about the dirty carpet and that they can never clean that CARPET properly because there is too much fur there...which half of it belongs to humits too...anyway, etc, fellow kitties probably know pretty well what I mean...). So if there was less carpet in the house...then there would have being more cool spots for me to snooze and rest in the summer and humits wouldn't have to do a lot of work and put that much effort in cleaning it...but oh no, humits think they know better and they cover the whole house in carpet... (which is not good enough for proper scratching either....).
Oh well, one day humits perhaps they will listen...till then I'm off to my cool spot in the kitchen for a little afternoon snooze...purrs and meows for now!