Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Cats rule!

Yesterday my two humats went out to do some bat watching. Apparently some other humat who is an expert in bats was going to talk about them and then go around the big garden we have here in town (Botanic Garden) to find some. 
When the two came back they couldn't stop talking about them. I can't say that I liked this new enthusiasm from my two humats... they were kept saying that bats are cute, they do this and that, they eat a lot of mosquitoes per night (something like 300 per bat per night), they are endangered species (I would be an endangered species if they don't feed me soon, meeooww) and they are protected in UK, there are many different types of bats on the island, they are look more like humans than mice (mice...are bats mice then? Where are they, get me one then), their wing span is really big, they the smallest ones can live up to 12-14 years, they eat mainly insects or fruits, etc, etc.
OK they fly around and eat insects, I get it, OK they are not many left but they are not like humans (us cats are more similar with our humats than humats think or believe and much more intelligent than them anyway) but I don't comprehend this new obsession. Aren't we pussykitties enough to get obsessed with humans? Aren't we good enough for you any more? Why such an obsession with flying mammals then? You can't keep them as pets, meeowws and purrrs you can't even see them properly, they only fly at night...stop then talking about them and go and fetch my dinner now....meow!

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