Friday, 17 February 2012

A the boxes

Today I've decided to have some fun with some available boxes!

The best hiding place ever!...Noone can find me here, he he!
Here I am humit...I bet you didn't know I was in here, did you now, he he!

This is quite funny! Little box inside big box with a little kitty inside, he he! What do you mean humit with a big fat kitty inside? How dare you now to say I'm fat!
OK I'm worn out now...time for a 10 hour snooze! I'm not Maru you know, all play all the time!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I thought I'd be nice to humits for once...

You see I'm the one and only purrfect kitty in the house!

OK being today that is, humits Valentine day or something (don't really understand it why they have to be especially nice and eat a lots of pawcolate only one day of the year anyway) I've decided that I can be nice to them for at least one day.
Well they are not very intelligent really but at least they do try most of times to be nice and kind to their own strange ways I guess.
So today I'll make an exception and I won't complain (much) about their inabilities to purrform their duties properly (especially when it comes to feeding, giving me attention and playing with me when I want to and NOT when they want to instead!). Instead I'll point out some of the peculiarities and strange behaviours that the other two kitties that live with me are often showing...
I mean when it comes to Choo Choo, hee, hee that half ginger pest....he is so weird that makes me feel embarrassed calling him a kitty, seriously it gives us kitties a real bad name...hee, hee, hee...he's so strange though even humits have noticed.
Basically among other peculiarities he has also a weird way of eating his food...he's very spoiled and lazy of course...he defines in humits dictionaries the word lazy, the purrfect example he is...he'll even eat while he sits down...he can't be asked to get up to eat...that lazy good for nothing kitty. He also tends to sleep on his food, using it often as pillow and more than often he will dip his tail in the plate with the food, leaving there to soak and then he will actually eat or lick it off from his tail...I mean how strange is don't dip your tail in food, it's not a humit biscuit you know to dip...strange kitty, very strange kitty...
Silly Choo he would snooze anywhere where there's food!

As for the other one, princess Ripley she is such a snob that it's so unbelievable and very annoying...don't touch my food this, don't go near my box or my sofa that, etc...sooo fussy.
Boy humits must be real glad that I at least have me, the purrfect kitty to live with otherwise who knows how they will have copied these two weirdos only! Silly and strange kitties indeed!

Friday, 3 February 2012

I don't want to sound like a humit but I don't seem to like lots of things....

I'm turning my back on humits and their silly ideas of even a remote resemblance with them, ha!

Well somedays it's good I guess to moan a little (like humits do all the time...) to get it out of your system! I mean life sometimes goes really against you and things don't go according to your purrfect plan! I'm not sure why this is the case but I guess it is what humits call life...unexpected things do happen, for example when you're expecting your dinner and it never arrives on time cause humit is too busy to bring your dinner when she is supposed to doing other unimportant things instead...grrr!
Anyway, today I thought I will complain about humits a bit...(no I don't complain about humits ALL THE TIME! Although they are at times almost impossible to live with...but being a tolerating and patience kitty I can forgive them for their impurrfections!).
Sometimes humits can be really mean and destructive...I mean yesterday this humit came next door and he chopped all the trees there, four nice big trees which attracted a lot of birdies all year round. I mean what those trees had ever done to the humit? Everybody knows that trees are good along with the other plants as they provide oxygen and they are primary producers which means that everybody depends on them, kitties, other animals and of course silly humits. My humits said that they were probably blocking the view or something...silly excuse to cut down a tree...oh those humits never learn it seems and they keep destroying the planet...till one day....
To make things worse today I saw photos of kitties on the internet wearing slices of bread...why? Humit said that some silly humits had too much time on their hands and they thought that humiliating their kitties was funny....funny how I ask?

Really and then you hear silly things like the stuff my humit writes these days or researches that us kitties have started looking and behaving a lot like humits...we're becoming cathumits or something, having similar personalities and often behaviour...all lies...Seriously though I do hope that's not true and we don't turn up looking like those silly breeds of humit made doggies I saw in the news again today...that will be a huge CATastrophe! I must keep telling myself I'm different, I'm not like my humit, I'm a Kitty, I'm a Kitty! Now where's that humit with my dinner, she's late again it seems...I'm not a very patient kitty you know...