Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My Xmas tips for a safe festive season for...humits !

It was silly humit's idea...ho, ho I'm Santa Paws...not!!
It's this time of the year again when humits need to keep in mind when doing all of their Christmas decorations and preparations that kittens and young cats tend to overreact during holidays because this is an exciting time for all (and their natural urge is to explore everything new and the unusual activity of the house can also affect them). This is why these silly humits need to follow some rules here: 

To stat with all humits need to make the Christmas tree as stable as possible. (Any kitty at home might try to climb all over it sooner than later so the base of the tree needs to be heavier than the top). 

Since humits like keeping real trees indoors this time of the year(??) (we, kitties, love them too...) therefore it is important that they should never let their kitties drink from the water in the tree stand as it might contain chemicals which are often used to help preserve the tree and these can be very very bad for cats and even the tree itself releases toxic sap into the water...

Humits, now, you should avoid using tinsel, strings and hooks as part of the tree's decorations. These are extremely dangerous to cats if swallowed (use red ribbons instead, more fun to play with, sillies...). Broken ornaments can be also dangerous (to kitties and silly humits too) so keep all breakable ornaments out of the cat's reach.

Now when it comes to Christmas foliage don't forget it can be toxic! Holly, mistletoe, poinsettias, ivy and Christmas roses, as well as the Christmas tree itself are all harmful to pets. Holly and mistletoe can be fatal. Poinsettias and ivy bring on bad digestive upset and pine needles when swallowed can pierce internal organ (bad, very bad).

Also let me remind you about candles too, which can also be a danger! So only burn candles safely. Inquisitive cats can burn their nose, ears paws or tail getting to close to a flame.

Finally don't forget that Christmas can be very stressful for some cats. All the changes with the decoration, having guests over or simply changing the familiar routine can stress and upset your kitty. So all humits need to make sure to spend enough time with their fur babies (at least 15-20 minutes a day, grooming, giving her/him attention and playing interactive games). Also make sure that you kitty has also some privacy in the house away from noisy humits!. Litter trays and the feeding areas must be away enough from the festivities, so they don't disrupt your kitty's normal habits.

Now to the most important part, FOOD!! When it comes to food you cat needs to keep her regular diet and not to overeat Christmas treats and leftovers as most of the foods humans like are (unfortunately) bad for cats and may cause upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhoea. Also the humit carer need to make sure to tell all visitors and guests not to feed the kitty without permission.

Finally and a warning to all humits! Never, never give a kitten or a puppy as a Christmas present!!! Adopting a cat or a dog is a life-long commitment that should receive the special consideration it requires.

That's all for now. Happy Holidays to all kitties out there and their humit servants...hmm I meant friends!
(the same tips – more or less – are also available at my site...http://www.daily-meowing.com)

Sheng Chi & the rest!!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Pfft...it's getting cold again and I have to cope once again with grumpy humits!

Trying to hide from humits and their moaning...grrr!

Yeap I know...it's being a while since I've blogged anything...Hey, busy kitty here...I have other kitties and humits to look after and even to assist humit with her work...she can't advise other humits without my help and expertise you know...how do you think she can actually advise other humits without my own vast knowledge and experience? Hmm, not appreciated or paid enough I thinkz by that humit...I might go on strike soon demanding better payment...let me think now what it would be a better payment? Tuna or salmon treats? Difficult decision here....
Anyway while I'm thinking about my paying reward for working sooo hard I might as well mention how humits (both of them) this time of year are driving me totally insane (any time of the year really if you kinda think about it...) they are soooo grumpy, it's unbelievable! Why humits (and I think it's an anthropocentric trait...not found in any other species...) are so grumpy all the time? They are never happy...it's always something that bothers them...if it's not something that us kitties did (never on purpose of course...always by accident) like after we've being to the litter tray and not cover properly or something (you try and cover your smelly doo-doo or something humit...you got it a lot easier...you just flash! Besides I've always tell them after I've being so they can clean properly if they want...MEOOOW!) or accused for making a mess while eating...(let's see you eat humits without using a fork and knife and then let's talk about your mess...) or when playing (what's the point of playing without making a little mess or something...no fun otherwise), etc. Never happy those humits with everything we do really....but of course it's not just us that they constantly moan and complain about...It's the work they do...they always hate it, no matter what they do, where or how...it's the food they eat...they always complain about they type of food, the cost, the way it's cooked, etc and of course let's not forget the big issue of the weather...It's always too cold or too hot, never right for them...in the summer they will complain about the very rare occasions in this country of being really hot (oh I can't bear it...I can't breathe it's too hot...they don't see me complaining carrying all that fur in a hot weather...I just find a cold place and stretch my self to cool down quietly!) or in the winter is the cold...oh it's too cold...brrr...my hands and feet are cold, brrr...put some more clothes on instead or turn the heating on...But again when they do put the heating on they'll still complain that it's too hot or that having heating is too expensive...moan, moan....Grr humits! Where are my earplugs?

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Humit is annoyed again with other humits...who want to get rid of their kitty!

What? I'm keeping myself busy...making the most of  items I found on the floor!

Sometimes I totally sympathise with my humit as I totally understand her and for a humit at times she's spot on. You see she recently came across a case of a kitty soiling in his humits' house because he was really stressed. As humit said that poor kitty lives in a very stressful environment, he is very timid and nervous and he's being bullied by other kitties outside and by his humits indoors who don't seem to like him because he doesn't behave according to them like a kitty should (oh humit...how a kitty behaves? Can you explain it to me please? I thought that all kitties are different in many ways from each other and they behave differently in different situations...isn't the same thingi with humits too?). Because that kitty is very stressed and more likely senses that his humits don't really like him he is spraying and urinating around their house as he tries to comfort himself by surrounding himself with familiar smells, his own of course. And what his humits do to help him with his little problem? Well instead of trying to provide him with a calm and relaxed environment to help him overcome his stress they're trying to get rid of him by passing on 'a trial' period to different other people like they're passing a ball or something...not that they're making things worse here, no of course not! Silly humits don't they know that us kitties don't like changes and new people or other pets? If anything, moving from one house to another would make that kitty wanting to carry on spraying because he's feeling a lot more stressed. Worse thing is that that these humits are blaming the kitty for making them stressed and a friend who she is supposedly a kitty doctor (they call themselves vets or something) told them that their best option might be to have that kitty killed...best option for whom again? Definitely not for the kitty...as kitties are not humans and they don't think like humits or understand their humane ways...now if you kinda think of it humits don't think like kitties either...they think always like humits and they believe that kitties do things on purpose to annoy them...how silly these humits are...I do feel sorry for that poor kitty and I do hope that these silly humits do get some good advice from some reasonable other humit and find a better home for that poor kitty...somewhere where he'll feel safe and relaxed and hopefully where he'll be really cared and loved too...

Monday, 19 September 2011

What a kitty like me does on a daily basis!

Here I'm tidying up humit's mess!

I recently saw a video online where it kinda showed how a kitty apparently spends her day at home. Lies all lies! It's all lies...no kitty in this world is so active all day! Everybody knows (even stupid humits that is) that us kitties don't like doing much all day long! Even those kitties that go outside still don't do much...they just pretend that they are keeping themselves busy all day when at home...they'll just find another snoozing place in some nice warm spot in somebody's garden or even in somebody's home...then when it's dinner time they'll go home to eat and then to carry on with their snoozing!
So humits don't fall for all these nonsense that kitties at home need exercise and a stimulating environment...it's all rubbish!
What a kitty wants at home is plenty of food and I mean plenty of food...lots of warm and cosy snoozing spots and from her humits to give her some attention when you are asked to do so (not when you want to...no, no never when you are in the mood..no good to us then...when the kitty is in the right mood, then yes you can give your full attention to her not before or after!) and some toys for throwing and hiding away for you to go and fetch and find (so we can keep you as well entertained so you don't get bored and stressed apparently you need some exercise when at home to keep fit...) as well as some boxes for trying to squeeze in (necessarily exercise for all kitties), scratching posts and climbing trees (we need to be up so we can keep an eye on our domain you know...as we need to keep you humits under control of course at all times so you don't misbehave!). And let's not forget fresh catnip, nice crunchie biscuits and fresh water...oh yes and the toileting area needs to be kept in good condition at all times of course. See? We don't need much and we don't tend to do much either as too much moving around is not that good for you (this doesn't apply to you humits though or to doggies either...you all need lots of exercise and moving around..) So kitties are really easy to please if you take into consideration how much work it requires from us to keep a humit home in order at all times!
Here some pics of me at work during a normal day...always busy see?
Here I wait in the morning patiently for humits to come downstairs...breakfast is late once again !
I'm having a little rest after a very busy morning!
I'm checking that everything is in order...humits can't be trusted really
I'm having a little snooze rest after a very busy day!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Humits are really a peculiar species no doubt about it....

A good resting place right?  

Yes I know it has being a while since I've written anything on my blog but you know how things are...us kitties are very busy creatures, not having a lot of time to waste..when it comes to choosing between snoozing or doing something else there is no choice really!
Anyway so now that the summer finally arrived here south in my part of the country I tend to keep my self cool and cooler by spending a lot of my time in the coolest spots in the house where I can snooze in peace without getting hot and bothered. But humits, at least my humits and I'm pretty sure that this applies to the rest of the humit colonies, tend to think that my choices of snoozing spots are rather peculiar (do they meactually know how peculiar humits are themselves, being a species that is that it has hardly any decent amount of fur on them, only a bit at strange locations in their bodies and which that all kitties that have chewed on it, know too well and they will tell you that it doesn't taste that nice either, yuck...humit hairs! Humits are also a species that makes too much noise all the time and they don't seem to know the importance of being silent at times, they even make noise when they sleep, calling it snoring...loud gurgling noise I will call it instead if you ask me..just to mention a few of their peculiarities without going through my entire list...).
I mean what is so peculiar about a kitty snoozing on a table...purrfect view outside and being very comfy and cool next to an open window...
who's hanging? I'm just comfy!
or when using the grass as a pillow...hmm nice fresh cool grass and I can always chew some if I need to...
A nice fresh smelling cool pillow 
or even when snoozing on a nice open purrfectly fitting box so I can get out pretty quickly if I really want to....
The purrfect fit box!

Humits, humits you are so strange yourselves you know, so stop criticizing my well thought choices for all my snoozing spots!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Summer and the silly next door kitties!

This is how I like relaxing these days!!   

It's being a while since I've written anything on this blog but being a busy kitty, well, sometimes it does take its toll on some of my responsibilities...sometimes I simply can't keep up with everything and humit is not of much of a help either...she is always busy you see or at least that's what she keeps saying all the time. You know I think it's a humit thing cause the other humit says it too...far too often.
So now that it's summer (yeah right) I should be take it a bit more easy...lots of snoozing and relaxing...this is what summer is all about...but then again we never have a proper summer just the occasional nice day or two...English summer...pssst!!
Anyway as I was saying this is the purrfect time to do less and snooze more in cool spots in the house ( I don't purrsonally do sunny spots...I'm not that silly as the other two who seem to compete for all the available sunny spots in the house...really silly who wants to get hotter...you want to feel cooler silly kitties!) and to watch the many birdies in the garden! But of course this is not always the case as the next door kitties have other ideas...aka chasing and trying to catch the cute birdies or bringing their real sometimes alive toy mice in the garden to play with...and the worse thing is that they leave behind the dead bodies of their toy mice and then our garden looks like a graveyard with corpses of dead mice scattered around...not nice! Humits need to do something about those pesky kitties..they should stay on their own home patch and they should take their mice with them..Not that I care too much for mice that is (or big moths for that matter too as I nearly caught that big one last night before humit caught it first and let it go outside...shame...I like chewing mothies, they taste..interesting...not as good as tuna snacks nevertheless still interesting!).
Anyway back to those pesky next door kitties as they can be a nuisance at times, catching mousies and scarring cute birdies and spoiling my daily views of the garden outside...grr. Humit why these kitties are out and about? Shouldn't they be at home playing with proper toy mousie and not real ones? Why their humits let them outside then? Silly kitties and their humits I say! Oh here we go again, big fat fluffy kitty from next door is chasing butterflies in the garden now...oh dear when he is going home?

Monday, 9 May 2011

Many ways to keep an eye on the ginger pest!

Well a kitty like myself has to find different ways to keep an eye on her enemies, aka the pestering and annoying ginger pest!
So with the help of my humits now I have the purrfect spots in the house to watch every move that ginger pest makes so I can always be a step ahead of him...so there...So here are my new tents/hiding places...
This is my current number one hiding place:
Well hidden here as you can see...    
and this is my second one...

Just stretching a bit while I'm waiting for ginger pest to arrive! 
and finally my third one...OK maybe not as purrfect yet but it does its job...
yes I know...it will do with a bit more covering...but what do you expect from a humit? Purrfection? 

...now to get some supplies to keep me going while I'm keeping an eye on that ginger pest...where's humit? With a little meowing and a feel sorry for me I'm soooo hungry look I will get some snacks pretty soon now...meow, meow, hungry kitty here!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Just being busy as always...

I'm staying hidden to think about my revenge on the intruder...grrr!

Yes I know it has being a while since my last blog update...but what can I say? I'm a busy kitty after all and other things get often in my way of doing things...like protecting my forts and tents...You see now I have two new tents where I spend a lot of my time doing a lot of serious thinking...so I can solve all the household issues and help humits with their studies, work, etc...In reality I'm not a very fussy kitty...I just like my things to remain the same and not to be contaminated or spoiled by others...aka the ginger pest who sometimes thinks he is the boss around here...WRONG! VERY WRONG!! Everybody knows that I'm the one in charge in this house and humits and other kitties obey me...so when the ginger pest wants to take over my snoozing, thinking spot then trouble is definitely in the air...He can't snooze wherever he likes you see...in this house there are rules...my rules...everybody obeys my rules or there is...trouble. Even humits know to obey my rules...they do what they've being told to do...So my things are mine and my tent is all mine too and out of bounds for everybody else...nobody else is allowed to snooze there...especially the ginger pest...he can't just sneak there when I'm occupied elsewhere. e.g being in the kitchen with the humits and checking the fridge's contents and then just steal my spot and afterwards refuse to move like he is his tent...So of course now I'm very upset and somebody else is going to feel my wrath very soon...till dinner time that is...Humits of course do try to be understanding so they've just built me another tent...a better one with the best view in the room and in the best spot but still the fact remains...he is a thief and needs to be punished for his crimes...also he never allows me to share his food too...the nerve of that kitty. So I need to come with a good plan to take my revenge on him...something slow and painful ideally...without humits realising of course...OK back to my tend then to think a genius plan to pay back the ginger pest!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Spring is here grr!

See humits? Lots cuter than all these outdoors birdies or animalz! 

Really I'm not a grumpy kitty, at least not as bad as my humits are who seem to complain all the time about everything...and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING!! But I guess they can't help themselves, they are humits after all and there are a lot of things in the humit world that any humit can complain about...really I don't feel jealous of these humits as their world really stinks at times (although their food can be great most of the times...one of the best things I guess). Anyway as I said before I'm not like my humits I don't moan all the time (besides I tend to snooze most of it anyway...) but at times there are things that they do seem to annoy me...a lot.
One of these things is this change of the weather who are having now...you know changing from cold and gloomy to bright, sunny and warmer...I don't like it because it brings a lot of bad things...for example...my garden is now occupied constantly by the next door pesky kitties who enjoying coming to our garden and trying to catch our birdies...what the poor birdies have done to them anyway...they are cute and pretty to watch when they go to the feeders... Now because of these pesky uninvited kitties they have stopped coming...grrr! To top it up pesky Dora and the fat other one (see I'm not the only fat one now...plus we have Pickles in the courtyard too who looks very similar to me in size and colours...she is even fatter then me apparently, he he) like sitting outside the patio door hoping to get inside (yeah right not likely) and hide my outside view...I'm trying to scare them off but they don't pay any notice...humits are not any help either as every time they see them they keep saying: 'ahh so cute both of them...they are trying to touch!' No silly humits can't you see I'm trying to scare them off and you are not helping!
The other thing that annoys me this time of the year is the fact that humits tend to spend a lot of time outside...going on what they call walkies because it is really nice now and they can see more birdies and other animalz that way..Really they don't need to see more birdies there are plenty in our garden or any other animalz for that matter as they can watch them on telly if they really want to...And then there is poor me who don't seem to take into serious consideration (not the other two, don't care about the other two really) as their outdoors venture has a knock effect on the full attention time I'm getting...They could easily spend more quality time with me indoors instead of wasting their time outdoors on wild kitties chase...they can even try to motivate me to be a bit more nicer to them by giving me a few more extra treats ...so there! Spring sucks I say! Meoww!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

All is not lost!

Well humits done it once again...sometimes I do despair as they seem to have not a clue of what us kitties really really like despite all my efforts and training all these years I've being with them...
A good example is my current favourite spot which I like to use for snoozing and...observing...as you can clear see here (or not..)

My nice hiding spot...purrfect for snoozing and surprising!   
So I was enjoying my hiding place... the purrfect spot to surprise the ginger pest when he is approaching without much of a care (he, he) and then this happened...
All gone...now I'm soooo exposed to the world and the ginger pest!
Disaster...humits being inconsiderable once again decided that it would be a good idea to dismantle my hiding place so they can put fresh laundry (which was not to my standards) to dry...Hello humits...not the right laundry...doesn't offer the right cover as the one before...can't hide here...I'm very exposed can't you see?
A lot better now...back to how it was before...almost!  

Finally! They took into consideration my needs...the right laundry size...now I can go back to snoozing as normal and to waiting for the ginger pest to pass by any time soon...hee, hee...zzz for now! 

Monday, 14 March 2011

Those sneaky, pesky humits!

So annoyed with humits I'm ignoring them...talk to my back humits!   

You know I generally like humits...they do serve a purrrpose and they are good as kitty staff goes most of the times that is...they give you food (I admit not always at the right times when you are hungry and want food or they always give you the right food as they do have poor taste when it comes to kitty food as they always go for their 'healthy choice....yuck!), they can clean litter boxes, they can pet, stroke and scratch you in places which are hard to reach with claws and teeth and of course they are warm and comfy when you want to snooze on them...But sometimes they can be so sneaky and devious...it's unbelievable!
I mean they can trick you and then they'll do terrible things to you without any warning...one minute they are nice and very friendly to you the next the cut, brush, clean, or give you horrible tasting stuff which they call medication...yuck!
So earlier today I was tricked and betrayed by what I once used to believe as my trusted humits...so sneaky..so devious! I should have started suspecting the humit2 that he was up to something when for the first time for ages he decided to give me a little treat and I should have kept an eye and a claw and teeth to the other humit when she was supposedly petting me while at the same she was holding that evil instrument of torture...the dreaded scissors...Expressions of 'give her a treat when I tell you''' and 'make it last' should have alerted me in the first place for the massacre that followed...You see I was tricked and got really excited with that new tasty treat they got me (yummy!) and wasn't pay much attention to what humit1 was doing...I was only watching humit2's hands to see when the next treat was coming so I didn't pay much attention to the other humit and to she was actually doing with her hands...I've only realised that a massacre was taking place while I was enjoying my treats when I first saw the pile of my precious fur in the bin basket...all that precious matted fur had gone...forever...now I'm so much lighter and thinner it seems..thanks to those sneaky, pesky humits!...Never again I would be tricked that way and I'll take my revenge soon...by my claws and teeth!...What humit? A nice little treat for me? I'm coming...meooow!

Monday, 7 March 2011

When the kitty wants to play...

Well I've tried many hiding places to surprise the ginger pest...
inside the bag....
under the duvet for extra surprise...    
but I've decided that waiting for him here is the best place to be at the moment!

Monday, 14 February 2011

My war at home... mostly with the ginger pest!

As always being helpful by holding the wall for humit!  

Things are not going well at the moment at home. You see I'm currently at war with the ginger pest, the 'Boy' as humits often call him...because apparently he is the only male in our home (well the male humit is not really counting...my humit says anyway!).
So because he is the only 'boy' he has also found a way to work the humits so they do whatever he wants them to do and these days he is getting very pampered and he has become a spoiled brat if you want my opinion...I mean he gets away with meowrder, with anything...and this mean one thing...the war has started.
Now it's getting very purrsonaly ... he is far too pampered and he has taken far too many liberties. I mean he even has humit2 (the not counting male that is)..handfeeding him, holding the plate at the right angle for him to eat in comfort (grrr the pest!). Not only he is allowed to sleep on the bed but I even saw humit holding his paw so he would go to sleep(how pathetic, a disgrace to the Felis catus species..especially having also to listen to humits going 'ahhh' the purr furbaby...yeah right no sympathy from this kitty here...as I know that he is only playing the humits and tries to get them on his side....). Nope this has gone too far and now it's war...I'm not letting him getting away with anything and most importantly he is not getting my top spot...I'm in charge in here(of all kitties and humits) and this is not going to change anytime soon...if he wants to play dirty I'm ready for him...this kitty here always wins!
So now I'm changing my own ways to become more helpful and sympathetic towards humits...(you know sitting on humits lap and purring aways while they are allowed to scratch cheeks and chin...and looking oh so cute and of course trying to be helpful and considerate). Today was a good example when I've tried to help humit with the bed changing business (see me helping...) 
  (also watch me at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wfB1T73qJQ  )

but once again the ginger pest had the same idea and he also arrived and then he chased me off the bed...Of course humit was not very pleased with two kitties running on the just made up bed and things didn't go according to plan but at least I've tried...I have to try a little bit harder so now I'm showing my humit my little belly and being all cute and supportive while she is working...where's the ginger pest now? Upstairs on the clean bed snoozing. One nil to me thank you I win today's battle, he, he...meoooow to me!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Some facts about...me

A very intellect kitty here..ponders on important questions? Where's dinner?

Well today I've decided to talk a bit about myself, being a good representative of my species, Felis catus (well, Sheng Chi for simplicity), why I'm so special and my humits adore me (yes you do humits, you know you do...I'm the most important thing in your life and you'll always make me your priority, especially when it comes to my feeding schedule...me first...the other two last!)...Anyway what I was saying? Oh yes how unique and important I'm really, I am...You see humits believe (seriously, they do) that they are the best species that has ever appeared on this planet (and even, some, also believe that they are the best species that is to be found on the entire universe, and the whole world has evolved around them....he, he so silly...excuse me for a minute while I'm recovering from my laughing fit...yes kitties can laugh...in their own way...). Anyway no matter how disillusioned humits might be often they use their command of vocal sounds to make their point of how clever they are (as well as the fact that they have opposable thumbs...which is not the best example really why we, kitties, on the other hand have many paws and retractable claws which we can use for our own advantages, to train our humit servants to use their opposable thumbs to provide us with a lot of services..food mainly, scratching behind the ears and under the chin or areas that are really hard to reach with your tongue, cleaning our litter tray, etc to name just a few!).
But when it comes to their vocal communications they seem to forget how vocal we have become ourselves since we were domesticated over 9000 years ago (humits think) by humits or in reality as we, kitties, know too well, we've decided to live with humits because we thought that their lives would vastly improve with our presence and we figured out that you were so easy to please and train than any other available species on this planet at that time (don't worry humits...you still are). We now have a very rich repertoire of vocal sounds and we often meow or 'talk' to you to tell you what we need and what you can do to please us and despite the fact that you can't really learn our own language(how hard could it be for clever humits, really!) we still manage to communicate just fine. Of course we still let you speak to us in your silly humit language with the real annoying granting noises you are making but unconsciously you have being well trained by us to fully understand us. Time and a lot of practice and patience from own part has made you quite adequate to understanding us. For example I use my different meows to let my humits know when I'm hungry, when I need attention, when I want to sit on my chair while a humit is occupying it, when my litter tray needs attention after I've being, when I'm in the mood for playing...when you are not supposed to do anything else than play with me...when I don't want to be bothered by you or else, etc...There are many meows for many occasions...a very rich kitty vocabulary I would say...
As for these silly humit who come up with these silly ideas, see at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1350168/Dont-sleep-pet-catch-something.html#comments ....what else is to say but totally nonsense? Some humit subspecies need a lot of evolving to reach our own level and to communicate and understand us...as my humits say....humits that go outside carry more harmful microbes than kitties that live permanently indoors and they should always wash hands and even change clothing before they consider coming into close contact with us! Yeap meow to that!

Monday, 3 January 2011

A little new year meowing!

Silly humit to say that I need to lose  some weight...what belly?

Well holidays have a big impact on us kitties too you know...when our humits are becoming lazy and lethargic because they don't have to do much over the holiday period just eat and sleep which of course affect us too...You see we kitties are tuned with our humits emotions and what they are feeling we usually feel it too...so when they are bored and tired we are feeling bored and tired too without actually having eaten as much as they have.. well, usually! It's scary how much humits can change in a short space of time just a couple of weeks...take away their routine and suddenly they become totally different humits...A lesson to be learned here humits..change of routine is bad for all creatures...humits included!
But being bored and not doing much...even forgetting to feed us and to play with us on a regular basis is half the problem...The worst thing is this new thingi which they call New Year's resolutions that causes a lot of problems...in my opinion it causes havoc to our routines...you see humits sometimes listen to voices in their heads...which they called consciousness (you see they've never figured out how to ignore those voices like we do...) and which appear to be stronger and more convincing after they have done things that they normally won't do other times of the year...and these voices tell them that they have eaten too much, that they are overweight and that they need to start eating healthy and less...can you believe these silly voices? So humits to make those voices stop in their heads they decide to stop eating a lot that nice food (meat and sweeties) and go on a diet and they even start eating healthy and wait for it...the worst bit is that they also decide that we, kitties, need to also eat better and less....ha, ha what a joke...I've always thought that humits are not mentally that well...they need a lot of help from professionals. So now I need to convince my humits not to listen to those silly voices in their heads but instead to listen to the voice of reason..my voice...kitty needs a lot of feeding this new year...more and nicer food...
Talking about voices of reason I've just saw this online with my humit at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12106609 and we both go rather annoyed...what a lot of rubbish I say (my humit says too...) Of course the kitty is stressed as he is faced with a predator on a regular basis...also not all cats are the same...if this kitty is OK with that doggie this doesn't mean that another kitty would also be OK with this or any other doggie...kitties like humans are individuals and not all the same or they will react in the same way under the same circumstances...doh! Of course the humit on the video doesn't seem to know much because he is dealing with doggies and not with kitties...silly humit!