Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Kitties vs Computers and PC Doctors!

Hiding from the rest of the world...

One of the reasons that I didn't blog that often these past couple of weeks was because we are having some laptop issues. You see my humats has two, one smaller than normal ones but still almost normal size & weight which she uses for study and some work and a netbook which we all use for socializing in the internet (twitting, blogging), as well as for emailing and surfing the internet and some work too. Of course the beauty of the netbook is that is very small & portable (my humat calls it her baby and I think that she might it like it a bit more at times than she likes me especially after I have being to the kitty toilet or I bother her for food...when she calls me Oliver for some funny reason...). Netbook has become an important part of our daily life and we all (kitties & humat) learned to depend on it for all our communications and for an easy access to the rest of the world (also it is the perfect size with its mini keyboard for all our small fingers & paws...I don't have fat paws Ripley...so stop interrupting me when I'm typawing). What we had of course we've never expected that it was possible to go 'funny' and stop working so soon after we got it...laptops and computers we had in the past lasted all for a long long time as we are all good in maintaining and keeping them in good shape.

Thankfully it still has its quarantine so we called the laptop hospital and some laptop doctor came to our home to fix it. He didn't know what kind of illness it had or what cause its illness but he ended up replacing his vital organs, brain (hard drive) twice...it had stopped working, heart (motherboard) twice as it was corrupting the brain and then it seemed that the mini had become a new mini again (although humat wasn't that pleased, she had to reinstall everything from scratch) although all drivers, operating system and software needed to be reinstalled (we were all happy for having another laptop and having back up almost everything). Finally we all believed that everything was fine with the mini & we were all happy (except humat who was still moaning for the loss of time and work...humats always moan anyway and they are never happy), it was working again and we could now carry on with our daily routines once more...yeapee...right!

Unfortunately like with many brain & heart operations the patient often doesn't come out intact! In some cases you will have some side effects to deal with...in our mini case its legs & arms were not all working properly (I mean the keyboard of course silly kitties...) not all the fingers (keys) were working and we ended up with 5 fingers/paws not working...at all....rather annoyed after all this trouble and replacements! So we called the laptop people again who they send the PC doctor once again who changed motherboard (yes again!) and keyboard with no effect...still keys weren't working...Dell people then were supposed to call me so we could install new drivers (doctor's diagnosis was that the drivers were not installed properly....) but they didn't so my humat called instead them last night...She spend 2 & half hours on phone when another online doctor took over the mini through remote viewer and downloaded drivers & other stuff which again didn't fix the problem...Now my humat at this point was getting really really frustrated...her mini was not her mini anymore...almost everything had changed and still wasn't working properly so she ended up speaking with the online doctor's manager who reassured her that the only solution was to change the HARD DRIVE AGAIN! So the laptop doctor will be coming again to change it in a couple of days (humat wants time to recover before she has to reinstall everything once more) and if the mini is not fixed then....well that laptop doctor will have to deal not only with my humat but also with me & the rest of the kitty gang as we all getting fed up now and very very annoyed....growls & hisses...I think I need some rescue remedy to calm me down now! Meow!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Kitties vs Food

Just finished my workout...where is my dinner then?

There are many stories these days in the media about overweight pets and in particular cats

(see: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1215425/22lb-cat-Socrates-signed-PDSAs-Pet-Fit-Club.html). Although I purrsonally don't think that only pets are overweight these days (more humans are overweight comparing to cats & dogs and I have also see a lot of fat pigeons and other birds from my window pecking away in the garden...) I also think at the same time that it is not always our fault for gaining a bit of weight. A lot of the blame needs to be directed towards our way of life as us cats we are not known as a species which is very 'energetic'...except from when we are very young and not wise at all. You see cats tend to spend a of time sleeping and grooming and of course eating, even those cats that spend a lot of time outdoors....(most cats will find a nice comfy spot and will snooze till it is dinner time back at home). These days because we are well fed we don't need to use a lot of energy for hunting and catching food...food is waiting for us in a bowl or plate and tastes in some cases even better...but even in cases that we do decide to do a little bit of real hunting we end being accused of killing unnecessarily and being a menace to the wild life (see you can't win really). No, no what I think that needs to be blamed for our little overweight issue is what we actually are given to eat...all these human premade food is not good for us and even the food that is recommended by some 'experts' can be also in some cases extremely harmful to kitties as it will not only make you fat but also cause you future serious health issues...I think humats should stop blaming us pussy cats for eating too much or even blame themselves for feeding us too much (most of us will eat when we are hungry and eat as much as we need) and instead they should start considering checking and rechecking what they are feeding us and making sure that the food they are giving us are good to be eaten by not only us but also by themselves... No good making sure that they have a healthy diet but also making also sure that us their furry babies are getting also a healthy and natural diet. No extra salt, sugar & additives please...just good quality meat & fish will do!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Catz vs furniture

If only our sofas at home were that good for scratching...

funny pictures of cats with captions
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...we have to use scratching posts instead

Monday, 21 September 2009

No Relations Whatsoever!

funny pictures of cats with captions
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If only I could find the biscuits bag!

Monday's rumbling

Getting ready for my snoozing routine

Finally after days of netbook issues it is working again although my humat says that not all the keys are working now...and it needs more fixing..at least we can all type...those keys that are not working are not of any use any way...who uses squiggle key or backward slash and wiggly parenthesis...but my humat says that this is not the point..all keys should be working on the netbook even if they are not being used. She says that you don't cut your small finger or your claws because you hardly use them...no, no I want my claws I like them and they are very very useful...when attacking or scaring off Choo Choo...I wouldn't look that menacing without my claws and teeth...and some growling and hissing and having lots of fur and looking big, etc, etc.

Yes I think I get my humat's point...it is a matter of purrnciple of course! But is quite annoying when because of a little machine you can't do your daily routine and as result you feel irritable and annoyed all the time...you see routine is very important...for humats & cats. Without your routine you feel anxious and lost...you want to be in control of your ownself and environment and routine helps you to do so...If I don't have my meals on regular times I feel lost very stressed and anxious that I won't get enough food for the day...routine is everything...for example now it is time for my late afternoon snooze...I don't want to be disturbed so I can have a restful snooze and then I can wake up fresh and ready for my supper...Also Mondays are catnipdays and I expect fresh catnip to be ready for me on my scratching post...if it is not there ready for me I will be very upset and grumpy for the rest for the day...and my humats don't want me to be grumpy...they know that when I'm not in a good mood...everybody suffers...humats and cats! So they need to keep my schedules and maintain my routine for their own good...Oh well enough for the day...time for a snooze...purrs & meows for now!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Just like me

Don't even think about it....no similarity whatsoever!!

Well no time to blog now because of computering issues (netbook on pc hospital till it gets better) but I thought I post this photo instead of another kitty who seems to have a lot in common with me and humats might also found funny....

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Yeah humats entertain us!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Kitties indoors

A wholeshelf to my self!

The other day my humats had a little 'riff' with next door neighbour about their kitty, Dora being left outside especially since she is not that well too and needs a lot of medication and care on a daily basis. Well my honest opinion on the matter is that I purrsonally prefer it to be an indoor kitty...I don't like the world outside, it smells and sounds very strange and makes me feel nervous and scared every time the door or window is open. I have tried to be brave and explore what is beyond the outside door but I found it very intimidating and went straight back to my safe place upstairs next to my catnipped scratching post. You see I was born from indoors kitties indoors and lived all my life indoors...which I like it just fine...

I get all I need by staying safe and sound indoors. I get regular good food (wet and dry), fresh water, clean available at all times litter trays, scratching posts for trimming, scent marking and exercising, high above the ground places to sleep, rest and observe all the cute little birdies outside which I don't feel the need to kill and catch as I have my own toys which I can use to entertain myself and help my humats entertain themselves too...and most importantly I get attention and care from my humats 24 hours a day because they are always there for me so they can make sure that I don't get bored or sleep all day long. The way I see it is that I have it a lot more better than poor Dora from next door who spends all her time in our garden either sleeping in her little cardboard box, which my humats have provided her with or wanting to be fed and get some attention from my own humats because they are here all the time and have not left her outside on her own because they can't be there to give her the attention she needs... no thank you I'll stick with my humats and being indoors instead purrrr!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Kitties & Humats sleeping patterns

Humat & Me sharing sleeping arrangements!

Humat research says that us kitties sleep a lot and that we actually spend a third of our lives grooming and sleeping (which is not new or strange anyway...). Sleeping and of course grooming (you need to be in top form, as clean and shining fur takes you a long way and makes you perfect for cuddling, petting, sitting on you laps and beds, etc and of course relaxes you and helps you go to sleep) are important in our lives as it is in your lives too, humats. So this strange idea that we kitties sleep a lot...well I think it needs a lot or rethinking and a lot time should do a lot of self contemplation and reflection...You see, we sleep because we need to, we sleep to stay in top form for when you are around so we can keep you entertained and exercised...Besides you humats sleep a lot as well like us when you get the chance...you tend to sleep at least 8 hours every night (and sometimes you will sleep a lot longer when you think you are tired or you are on holiday or it is the weekend, etc, ...) and even at times you would have naps during the day when you get the chance after you have had your dinner/lunch because it is either too hot or cold...you feel tired or not, etc. Which means that you humats often sleep more or less half of your day away which is more than we kitties actually do...as for grooming...well how much time do you spend on a daily basis in the bathroom washing, bathing, cleaning? I think it counts to a total of a lot...again perhaps more than we kitties actually spend on self grooming and in your case you also tend to not only groom yourselves but to also wanting to groom us too like we really need to...We are capable and we have always being to so we don't really need your help...this habit of yours to want to clean us and everybody else in your home too is an illness an OCD which you seemed were born with...so time to get some professional help I thinkz.
So you see humats you are not that much different from us anyway when it comes to sleeping and grooming habits so just try to follow our lead and be happy that you are so like us...as us, kitties after all rule the world!