Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Sheng Chi's intelligent thinking

I've have being doing some reading quite a lot recently (as there is a lot to read around as my human is currently doing a research about pets personalities and behaviour) and I came up to a few conclusions about us cats and you human species. 
You see humans have recently found out that us cats like humans and the other species (you know which, the ones that bark a lot...meowww) have personalities too which include elements such as 'friendly', 'alert', 'placid, 'active', 'vocal' and 'inquisitive' along with their opposites. Other humans came also to the conclusion that we like them tend to be either left or right-handed (it was in one of newspapers yesterday see at: They also have figured out that we are very intelligent and that we can learn through trial and error, experience, observations, blah, blah, etc. 
Well all these plethora of information is very informative and interesting to you perhaps humans but in reality it doesn't really tell us anything new. You see all us cats know very well that we are very clever and capable to control and manipulate other species and in particular humans so they can obey us and take care of us, this is what we do. 
What we need now is to convince you humans that we know best and when we are not happy with certain things aka food, sleeping arrangements, toys available to entertain ourselves, preferable scratching surfaces, litter trays and good litter, areas to climb and observe our domain and subjects (you humans) then we will do things that you won't like to tell you so! (for example, urinating in other areas in the house if the litter tray is not to our own standards, scratch carpets and sofas if the scratching post doesn't accommodate our needs, etc) 
It is your job you see to make certain that we have what we need at all times and there are no changes in our daily routines so life can go as normal. You see humans when we are happy you are happy too because we make you happy by just being around to be admired and adored...Meow and purrr!

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Reese =^..^= said...

I think that is some sage advise. Keep Reese Kitty happy!