Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Us and our humats

Always trying to find new ways to improve myself

After a lot of thinking (between and during snoozing) I came to the conclusion (and this is a rather painful one too) that humats are very similar to us after all, despite common kitty belief of cat suprurrmacy....You see we seem to have a lot of things in common (size of brain being one of them, humats got big brains and like us they don't use all of it at all use what you need when you need it...common kitty sense tell you so). Humats have territories like us (which in most cases are our own and we simply allow them to use them with permission) which they called their homes...and they will show very aggressive behaviour when it comes to defending them from other intruders, from their own species. Also humats like us like eating a lot and often...their feeding schedules have names such prurrrkfast, munch, suppurr, dinpurr and in between those feeding schedules they have what they call snacks...or as we know it better as treats! Most of the humat food tastes also the same as our own; they have wet food (meat or fishy flavour) with greens and dry food (sometimes they have biscuits or other dry stuff like cakes, bread...). They also like us tend to sleep a lot, they will sleep upon hours at night time (missing in meow opinion most of the fun) and they will snooze during the day (they often call it napping...humats we invented catnapping you know!). Like us they like being in charge of everything and everybody (of course they are not really in charge of is the other way around as us, kitties, all around the world know too well...) and they will often forced to pay others to provide them with the services they need (which we can do for free of course, as we only need to be cute and cuddly, something that I guess it doesn't work very well and at all times with humats!). Also they are very curious and want to explore everything that is new and they haven't seen before (I guess this is why they seem to travel a lot, they like exploring other territories and claim if possible as theirs). Like us they also getting bored easily with their toys (which they call gadgets) and replace them as often as they can...calling it often upgrading I guess...Humats are like us very very stubborn and they won't often take no for an answer and they would try other methods of persuasion (often they call them logical arguments) to get their own way...not always as successful as us kitties I admit.
Of course there are other things that us kitties and humats are sharing and have in common but I need to stop typing now as my paws are getting too tired...meoowws for now!


Ariel said...

Those are some good observations! I twitch a little at the thought of comparing myself to a (sniff) 'human', but I will mull it over. I prefer to think I am an open-minded cat :)

Reese =^..^= said...

Very interesting. I have not given my purrson enough credit apparently!