Thursday, 1 April 2010

Little writing before Easter

It has being a while since I've blogged but you know how things are when you are a very busy kitty like me....not enough hours in a day to snooze, eat, bully the others let alone write...Actually I have being very very busy helping my humit to complete her research (what a week that was....we all got headaches and pulled a lot of fur or hair out) as well helping her with other assignments and work...boy there have being a lot of enquiries about human-kitty issues...humans are getting worse by the day it seems. It must be really difficult for all these poor cats to have to live and cope with humits that behave in strange ways...I mean humits some times can be almost impossible to tolerate with all these mood swings they get and depression and work related stress...they become inhumit if you know what I mean and then they will blame everybody else...mainly us because in most cases we can't talk in humit tongue to explain how wrong they are...Anyway the fact remains that a lot of humits seem to have issues with many aspects of a kitty's life that they should already know how to deal with, for example, when a kitty is not using the litter tray because she has either to share it with others or because of cleaning issues or even because of location and texture issues...I mean I purrsonally hate the woody stuff because it gets stuck on my paws and fur and then humit complains that I look dirty and messy and in need of brushing...just the thought of that gave me the shivers now...brrr! Humits that live with kitties they should know they are very lucky and privileged because they are allowed to share the shame environment with us and they shouldn't make fuss when we are doing only what it is only natural to us...not using an inappropriate located, not cleaned properly or even smelly because of other kitty litter box...we are kitties with standards you know....anyway time to stop...I think I heard a humit in the kitchen...purrs for now!