Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Spring is here grr!

See humits? Lots cuter than all these outdoors birdies or animalz! 

Really I'm not a grumpy kitty, at least not as bad as my humits are who seem to complain all the time about everything...and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING!! But I guess they can't help themselves, they are humits after all and there are a lot of things in the humit world that any humit can complain about...really I don't feel jealous of these humits as their world really stinks at times (although their food can be great most of the times...one of the best things I guess). Anyway as I said before I'm not like my humits I don't moan all the time (besides I tend to snooze most of it anyway...) but at times there are things that they do seem to annoy me...a lot.
One of these things is this change of the weather who are having now...you know changing from cold and gloomy to bright, sunny and warmer...I don't like it because it brings a lot of bad things...for example...my garden is now occupied constantly by the next door pesky kitties who enjoying coming to our garden and trying to catch our birdies...what the poor birdies have done to them anyway...they are cute and pretty to watch when they go to the feeders... Now because of these pesky uninvited kitties they have stopped coming...grrr! To top it up pesky Dora and the fat other one (see I'm not the only fat one now...plus we have Pickles in the courtyard too who looks very similar to me in size and colours...she is even fatter then me apparently, he he) like sitting outside the patio door hoping to get inside (yeah right not likely) and hide my outside view...I'm trying to scare them off but they don't pay any notice...humits are not any help either as every time they see them they keep saying: 'ahh so cute both of them...they are trying to touch!' No silly humits can't you see I'm trying to scare them off and you are not helping!
The other thing that annoys me this time of the year is the fact that humits tend to spend a lot of time outside...going on what they call walkies because it is really nice now and they can see more birdies and other animalz that way..Really they don't need to see more birdies there are plenty in our garden or any other animalz for that matter as they can watch them on telly if they really want to...And then there is poor me who don't seem to take into serious consideration (not the other two, don't care about the other two really) as their outdoors venture has a knock effect on the full attention time I'm getting...They could easily spend more quality time with me indoors instead of wasting their time outdoors on wild kitties chase...they can even try to motivate me to be a bit more nicer to them by giving me a few more extra treats ...so there! Spring sucks I say! Meoww!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

All is not lost!

Well humits done it once again...sometimes I do despair as they seem to have not a clue of what us kitties really really like despite all my efforts and training all these years I've being with them...
A good example is my current favourite spot which I like to use for snoozing and...observing...as you can clear see here (or not..)

My nice hiding spot...purrfect for snoozing and surprising!   
So I was enjoying my hiding place... the purrfect spot to surprise the ginger pest when he is approaching without much of a care (he, he) and then this happened...
All gone...now I'm soooo exposed to the world and the ginger pest!
Disaster...humits being inconsiderable once again decided that it would be a good idea to dismantle my hiding place so they can put fresh laundry (which was not to my standards) to dry...Hello humits...not the right laundry...doesn't offer the right cover as the one before...can't hide here...I'm very exposed can't you see?
A lot better now...back to how it was before...almost!  

Finally! They took into consideration my needs...the right laundry size...now I can go back to snoozing as normal and to waiting for the ginger pest to pass by any time soon...hee, hee...zzz for now! 

Monday, 14 March 2011

Those sneaky, pesky humits!

So annoyed with humits I'm ignoring them...talk to my back humits!   

You know I generally like humits...they do serve a purrrpose and they are good as kitty staff goes most of the times that is...they give you food (I admit not always at the right times when you are hungry and want food or they always give you the right food as they do have poor taste when it comes to kitty food as they always go for their 'healthy choice....yuck!), they can clean litter boxes, they can pet, stroke and scratch you in places which are hard to reach with claws and teeth and of course they are warm and comfy when you want to snooze on them...But sometimes they can be so sneaky and devious...it's unbelievable!
I mean they can trick you and then they'll do terrible things to you without any warning...one minute they are nice and very friendly to you the next the cut, brush, clean, or give you horrible tasting stuff which they call medication...yuck!
So earlier today I was tricked and betrayed by what I once used to believe as my trusted humits...so sneaky..so devious! I should have started suspecting the humit2 that he was up to something when for the first time for ages he decided to give me a little treat and I should have kept an eye and a claw and teeth to the other humit when she was supposedly petting me while at the same she was holding that evil instrument of torture...the dreaded scissors...Expressions of 'give her a treat when I tell you''' and 'make it last' should have alerted me in the first place for the massacre that followed...You see I was tricked and got really excited with that new tasty treat they got me (yummy!) and wasn't pay much attention to what humit1 was doing...I was only watching humit2's hands to see when the next treat was coming so I didn't pay much attention to the other humit and to she was actually doing with her hands...I've only realised that a massacre was taking place while I was enjoying my treats when I first saw the pile of my precious fur in the bin basket...all that precious matted fur had gone...forever...now I'm so much lighter and thinner it seems..thanks to those sneaky, pesky humits!...Never again I would be tricked that way and I'll take my revenge soon...by my claws and teeth!...What humit? A nice little treat for me? I'm coming...meooow!

Monday, 7 March 2011

When the kitty wants to play...

Well I've tried many hiding places to surprise the ginger pest...
inside the bag....
under the duvet for extra surprise...    
but I've decided that waiting for him here is the best place to be at the moment!