Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tuesdays thoughts!

Sleepy kitty wants reassurance from her humat!

I haven't blogged for a while because my humat has being busy and she won't allow anybody else to use the laptop and also because it seems that I'm suffering from blogger's block...and currently I tend to procrastinate a lot...But I thought I type down a few words to express my purrsonally opinion on a purrticular matter...You see my humat advises other humats (as you probably already know) on how to modify their kitties behaviours, behaviours which they think are not proper and which they need to modify (of course the issue that arises here is what behaviours they think that they are not normal for a kitty in her environment and most importantly what do they know about cat behaviour because they are not cats after all...I must stop now because I'm starting getting annoyed...). One of the 'problems' that humats often ask for advice is when us kitties are meowing (usually at night of course) for attention. My humat and despite the fact that she says that she knows and understands us kitties well, advises them that in such situations we need to be ignored if we are not meowing because we are not feeling well. She saiz that if humats ignore us eventually we stop because we will figure out that we are not getting what we want....I sayz, NO, NO, NO! You humats, can't ignore us when we meow because we wantz you to come and check on us, to talk to us and reassure us that everything is OK with the world. This is why you are here humats to serve us and to look after us, you can't ignore us...I mean that would be disastrous...I can't think of a worse case scenario of being not reassured after I have woken up from one of my occasional nightmares or not being acknowledged from my humat, when I meow to her and him so they can play with me and give me attention....no, no no humats do not ignore us...pleazeeee....purrs, purrs, purrs!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Kitty busy

Newest hiding place for the moment!

I haven't updated my blog for a while because of my humat...you see when humat is busy I get busy too because I had to help her (either by being helpful and cute to relive stress or by helping her to come up with the right answers to cat related issues...). Because let's face it we are the intelligent species here and not the humats...they think they are but we know better... Another thing that also contributes to me being rather busy is this humat tendency to get pre-occupied with silly and unnecessary toys as unfortunately humats can get overexcited when it comes to new gadgets and toys and they will forget important things like feeding and giving us attention...New phones, computers, cameras, noisy players, etc would take often priority over us for a while of course, till they get bored with them and remember that us kitties are still around and can also be a lot of fun (especially when they are treats involved too...) or they want to take 'funny' photos of us with their new toys....hmmm...not peace and quiet then and not hiding place to be found either, grrr!

Anyway back to more important things now, like myself...you see when the weather changes and it gets colder i my house, we all try to rediscover our old warmer places from last year and it is always becomes a race of who will get to the warmest spot first...especially when the heating is on as well...Places closest to the radiator all of the sudden become very popular and you will never see the same kitty in the same place for very long...you see in my home if you get up from your spot to have some munchies or to visit the box then you definitely will lose your favourite snoozing spot....this of course doesn't apply to cats only but too the humats too...and the battle of the warmest spot has already begun in our home now...Of course this year we also have Dora from next door as well who she is also competing for the warmest spot in our house too as it soon the back door opens she will come in and she will make herself comfortable on our sofa downstairs...like she is a resident in our home...grrr! Anyway it is always fun having to steal somebody's else snoozing spot especially for me since I never really lose or being challenged....meeoowww!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Photos and hiding places

Oh humat can't be asked to pose right now!

What is with humats and taking photos...you can't find peace and quiet...especially when they've got a new gadget which also happens to takes photos. My humat every-time she gets a new phone-camera or any other gadget with a camera included she won't stop taking photos of me for days, she will hunt me everywhere...well it is nice to be appreciated of course and especially by your own  humats who serve you but in truth I'd rather prefer if she could show her appreciation of my uniqueness and prettiness with a nice tasty treat instead! It is not just that she takes a lots of photos, and not all of them are presenting me as pretty as I really am, but she has also to find me even when I don't want to be found...a snoozing pussykitty isn't always at her best to at least an humat audience...At least if she was offering a little treat every time she takes a photo I might change my opinion a bit...I know I'm pretty and my admirers want to see me as I really am but let's not overdo it...you wouldn't like it humat if I was following you everywhere with a camera would you now? Meoowwws!