Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas thoughts

Today I'm going to debate whether I like this humat Christmas holiday period or not...I'm not quite sure yet whether I like it or strongly dislike it...I know it is a humat holiday and humats tend to go crazy and overdoing things over these days but I'm not quite sure yet if it this is actually a really a good time for us, kitties too!

I mean on one hand there is a lot of food around which we can also share and being very 'jolly' as humats will make cakes, sweets and dinners in huge amounts and portions like they are going to feed a humat army or the entire country's cat population but on the other hand they tend to spend too much time ignoring us and making the house cat unfriendly and coming up with new house rules and stopping us from doing things that we will normally do any other time of the year... 

For example trees indoors it is not always a good idea as it might at first appears as the tree is not cat friendly either, very prickly and not ideal scratching post and then there is its decoration which humats don't want you to play with along or even look at, along with those lights which they turn to make the humats freak out every time we go near to have a look..

The only words I can keep hearing the past few days since the indoors tree appeared are: 'xoo or shoo (depending on your origin), stay away,' and 'don't go there' , 'bad kitty!', etc. I mean I don't try to do anything else than what I would normally do under the same circumstances...being a kitty who has to be in control of her entire house!

So as you see I'm not quite sure yet whether I like or not Christmas, maybe they should at least change its name to something more appropriate to include us, kitties, in the festive celebrations I don't know something in the terms of Meoowwtide or Purrsmas and a Happy Meow Year....well I think you are getting the idea....

Anyway back to whether I like Christmas or not...you see despite all these new rules that humats are inventing for the period of Purr(x)mas at the same time there is the positive side of all this fuss...all these available at paw's reach food that makes my belly sing and which seem to influence my decision in favour of this strange humat holiday....You see all this cooking and baking makes the house smells soooo nice and makes my belly very very happy...yeap I definitely like Xmas and that's a final decision...now if only I could make that tree area more cat friendly...

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

When next door kitties taking the p**s!!

No, no she doesn't look cute!

You know it has being a while since I've written anything in my blog....the reason being that I'm after all a very very busy kitty with little time to spare...well, OK, perhaps because my humat is far too busy herself and she doesn't let me use her laptop (although she has two...) for socializing, which is really unfair as she now can even type from her phone if she is on the go....there is time for everything you know I keep telling her but she doesn't seem to listen...hmmm humats!

Anyway today since I've got the chance I've decided that I should put down in humat words some of my thoughts...For the past few days next door's cat, Dora is taking a lot of liberties and she is keep coming and staying indoors...she is using my home like her own home and I don't like it a bit. My humats say that she is really pretty and they feel sorry for her when she stands outside in the garden with her paw at the back door's glass but I don't purrsonally fall for such cunningness or cuteness....You see I know that it is all an act, a good trick, a very well planned and executed plan to make my humats fell to her little trap by feeling sorry for her and not only feed her but also allow her to come indoors and spend hours snoozing on the sofa or even on the big chair and sometimes in my boxes....this will not do...She has her own home which she might share with two other cats (like I do actually) and two humats (like I also do, my servants) and a tiny humat who makes a lot of crying noise (worse than a kitten which thankfully I don't have into my home....hmmm I can now start understanding the reason...) ...Anyway this is not a good excuse for her to want to spend a lot of time in my home and to get lots of attention from my humat....I don't mind her eating what my humats are giving her (as long as of course they don't give her part of my food, she can have the other two's food ...see if I care...) but I don't want her to keep coming in even if it is raining or snowing outside or even if she is only sitting and sleeping in Choo's favourite chair....it is a matter of principle you see...this is my home not hers.

Having say that I'm not sure on the other hand what I can do to convince my humats to stop her from coming in (the moment the back door opens she is inside faster than the speed of light...no time to even try to stop her) but you can be assure that I'm working on it...on my own cunning plan and soon I will be able to convince them not to let her in anymore and that cute feel sorry for me look will stop working on them...very soon! Meooowww!