Friday, 28 December 2012

Hmm! I think I snooze here till 2013 and ignore those noisy humits in the meantime!

And here it is me thinking that finally Xmas (or Catmas for us kitties) was finally over and all the fuss and noise and yummy...extra food was over when suddenly I've just had an epiphany and realised that there is still more to come. So this is once again a good opportunity to remind to all humits who are sharing their homes with kitties and before they get too drunk to remember anything at all that there are still a few things they need to remember to do to protect their kitties. You humits need to remember that for at least some of us, kitties, the holidays are not always that much fun as we tend to get disturbed, stressed with that all noise and with all those humits who seem to enjoy these festivities a bit too much and often us, kitties, having very few, if any, places to which we can escape during that time.

Humits you should know that the holidays put a lot of stress on everyone involved, some of it good and some of it bad. Us, kitties have to withstand any number of unusual circumstances that are unusual each year because we don't have the chance to get used to them. Such circumstances usually are:

Too many people in one place! Some friendly kitties may seem to enjoy meeting new people that adore them the majority though of us are in reality shy or fearful kitties who will see their once safe haven overrun with strangers.

Bad eating habits! One of the side benefits to all that chaos of humits gathered in the same place is the chance to sneak some snacks often...on the counter or table. This usually isn't healthy (and you know me, I won't say often that food is bad for us so to say it here it means that is really really bad). These festive days sometimes the feeding kitty schedule may get disorganized and as certain foods can also cause your kitty to have gastrointestinal upsets such as vomiting or diarrhea is best then to avoid feeding your kitty anything else than her normal food (although a bit of chicken might not do that much harm really!).

Less playtime. Don't forget humits your duties and under no circumstances stop playing with your kitties as you'll do any other time of the year! This could easily throw off our precious schedule and feeling of wellbeing,you know, by simply depriving your kitty of his/her normal exercise..very stressful! (Think about how you'd feel about it.)

Frequent shouting and yelling! Kitties like being where the action is – where their humits are that is to explore and investigate, where they are cooking or baking or even struggling to carry bags of gifts or groceries into the house. So any frequent scolding or cursing, not necessarily at your kitties but because humits sometimes can be clumsy and careless and tend to drop there is no need for such bad language you know as your emotions can add to the stress level of any kitty in the house!

Finally try to avoid frequent trips as much as possible humits as us, kitties, really prefer to just sit on the the window sill to observe and to snooze. So traveling with all the family to see other family members far far away is a no no for any kitty... because it causes us a HUGE amount of stress! Also try to avoid the 'K' word, you know the kennel place...not such a good idea either as when we are being moved from home to a strange place is like a catastrophe, no matter how nice the accommodations.

So what can you do to ease the burden? Just one thing really: Stick to the normal routine! Keeping as close as you can to your kitty's normal schedule is the best antidote to holiday stress. Stay consistent with feeding times and amounts, and be on guard against illegal snacks and keep your kitty's waking, eating and playtime schedules.

Also make sure that there is at least one room in the house where the kitty can really
retreat to, equipped with all your kitty's favourite toys, a bowl full of fresh water, some food perhaps, and clothing or blankets with your scent on it and a litter tray. This gives your kitty a safe comfortable place to which he/she can retreat from the madness. Also, be extra careful around the door if you have an indoor kitty only. Make sure she doesn't sneak out during all the comings and goings of those pesky humits!!

Enjoy the rest of your festivities humits and have a great 2013 all of you kitties and your humits!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Kitties and Xmans worries...for some humits that is!

This is not a Xmas tree humit...really now!

Here we go know...the jolly and festive time of the year is almost upon us and my humit of course has just reminded me of my duties (like I needed reminding really...) that I need to give some Xmas advice for the safety of all kitties to their humit carers because you know sometimes humits can get really excited during this time with trees, lots and lots of food and drink, outside trees that are brought inside to be decorated with lots of shiny things, etc, etc while at the same time they seem to forget that us, kitties, don't get really excited, rather quite the opposite, we tend to get stressed and very anxious. Although some kitties might remain calm throughout this festive season in reality and for the most part kittens and young or even senior cats, react because this is indeed a very exciting time. You see, OK, OK at least for some kitties (as Choo Choo and Ripley definitely not included in this general category of curious and explorative cats) , their natural urge to explore (he, he right!) is in high gear this time of the year and all the unusual activity of the house can affect them too!

I mean just think about if for a minute, humits, as any decorated tree looks like toy heaven (and saying it once again) to some cats. So as humits can't really guard that decorated tree all the time, which tree any other time of the year would normally be outside and all of the sudden like magic it has been brought indoors by you who are some times very very peculiar humits and who you, humits, therefore can't prevent your kitties from exploring that tree - so instead, you should try some of my Xmas tips to make that tree cat-safe.

First of all humits need to make sure that the Christmas tree is as stable as possible as there are good chances that the kitty of the house will try to climb all over it sooner than later. So you humits need to make sure that the base of the tree is heavier than the top, even after all the decorations are hanging from those branches!
If you have a live tree, never let your kitty drink from the water in the tree stand. Most people use some form of special chemicals to help preserve the tree and these can be deadly for us, kitties! Even the tree itself releases toxic sap into the water, so the humits need to cover the water altogether and make it inaccessible to everybody else in the house, us, kitties, of course included. Although I don't purrsonally think that is such a good idea, the humit might also want to try spraying around the center of the tree skirt with lemon scented air freshener to deter any kitties from wandering too close (yak!).

If you can you, humits, try to avoid using tinsel, strings and hooks as part of the tree's decorations. All of which are extremely dangerous to us, kitties if swallowed. Fragile ornaments can be dangerous. Glass shreds on the carpet are a safety hazard to humits as well as us, kitties - so keep all breakable ornaments out of our reach.

Also humits don't forget that Christmas foliage can be toxic too! Holly, mistletoe, poinsettias, ivy and Christmas roses, as well as the Christmas tree itself are all harmful to all animals in the house (humits included of course). Holly and mistletoe can be even fatal. Poinsettias and ivy bring on bad digestive upset and pine needles when swallowed can pierce internal organs. So humits try not to use ornamental plants or keep them well out of reach and always remember to sweep up any dead needles lying about and always be on the look out.

Another thing that humits should be extra careful about is when burning candles which although are festive at the same time they can be really dangerous...not just for us but for everybody else that is! If you humits insist in burning candles, do so safely. Don't forget that sometimes a curious swish of a tail, can cause a burning candle to dump over and disaster can result. Inquisitive kitties can burn their nose, ears paws or tail getting to close to a flame. Instead of spending the Holidays with your family, then you might end up spending it with your kitty at the your vet's!

Christmas can be very stressful for some kitties. All the changes in the decoration, having guests over or simply changing the familiar routine can bring on anxiety in your kitty. So you need to make sure you don't neglect her. Spend at least 15-20 minutes a day with her, grooming and playing interactive games. If you're having guests, your kitty has to maintain some privacy in the house. Be sure that all the litter trays and and the feeding areas are far enough away from the festivities, so as not to disrupt your kitty's normal habits.

All right I really shouldn't say this, I mean who am I to complain about too much food being available but on the other hand and it is unfortunately the truth that rich Christmas food is not really good for us, kitties (darn it!)! So ideally humits need to make sure that their kitties keep to their regular diet and don't feast on Christmas delicacies. Most of the foods you humits would eat this time of the year (and you would definitely eat a lot!) are really bad for us, kitties, and may cause upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea. You should also tell your guests this too so they don't try to feed your animals without your permission.

Finally and very very importantly ....Never, never give a kitten or a puppy as a Christmas present! Let all your friends and family know that this is not an acceptable present under any circumstance. Far too many cute kittens and puppies who begin their lives as Christmas presents, they end up shortly afterwards in the local shelter or on the streets, abandoned. Getting a cat or a dog is a life-long commitment that should receive the special consideration it needs.

So all you kitties and your humit carers have a great festive season....wherever you are!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I do suffer from anxiety at times you know!
Now that firework nights are over (I hope) and we can go back to normality (for at least a little while till Xmas or Meowmas arrives and humits go bonkers again) I thought that it is about time to remind all you humits out there a few truths about us kitties ...For example that us, kitties, too we also suffer for stress and extreme anxiety at times....
For example appetite along with weight changes, depression, digestive problems, nervous behaviour, and loss of sleep are not only symptoms of human anxiety but also cat anxiety too as kitties can suffer from anxiety in many ways like humans do, and which anxiety in many cases can be prevented (and I even speak from experience here).

As we kitties also experience anxiety too, it is then their humit's responsibility to be in tune to their kitties behaviour and mental state and pick up on changes that might indicate their kitty is suffering from stress. Us, kitties, experience anxiety because of psychological, physical, and environmental factors and without intervention, the results of a kitty's stress may become harmful to her health by comprising her immune system and making it susceptible as a result to many illnesses.

As everybody knows every kitty is an individual and as a result it will show signs of anxiety in her own way. This is why it is important that any change in your kitty's behaviour is noticed as soon as possible by the humit carer. Signs of anxiety can be things like:

Changes in appetite or weight, excessive vocaliisation, changes in toilet habits (such as urinating outside of the litter tray), some compulsive behaviours such as excessive grooming or even fur pulling and self-mutilation, aggression, lethargy or depression, the onset of sudden destructive behaviours (such as furniture scratching), restlessness, etc.
So if your kitty is showing any signs of stress and anxiety, it is very important that you talk with your vet first to rule out any possible medical problems that might cause such behaviour and if the kitty is physically healthy, then ideally to try and at least speak to a kitty behaviour specialist for advice on how to deal with their kitty's anxiety

The humit also should try and and determine the cause of the kitty's anxiety: For example could any of the following be the cause of the such an anxiety?

When there have being long periods of separation from family (because of holidays perhaps) , perhaps because of boredom or even lack of exercise or interactive play (nope, no problems here for certain)...or even some form of fear such as loud noises, other cats, certain people or objects, etc. (especially if the cat is very timid and nervous by nature), inadequate nutrition (my favourite one) or health problem / pain or some form of discomfort , even insufficent space (when more than one cats are sharing the same environment), sudden changes to daily routine and of course loss or addition of a family member (a new baby or kitty or any other pet). 

Along with talking with a cat behaviour expert to establish cause and possible treatment there are also several things that a humit can do to try to minimize stress and anxiety in the their kitty's life (such as making first of all the cat's well-being a priority of course). For example the humit should try and enrich their kitty's environment with sufficient toys and games and also by trying to play with their kitty with interactive toys such as a laser pointer or a mouse/bird/snake like toy or even feathers at the end of wand or hanging from a small fishing pole and then move it around like a small prey so to give the cat the opportunity to stalk and eventually catch her prey. By also providing some catnip or kitty grass or even by adding a couple of new scratching areas around the house. Providing also high-quality, nutritious cat food, fresh water, and sufficient attention could also help.

Treating anxiety can be a long and tedious process so the humit carer would need to be persistent if he/she wants to help her/his kitty to overcome her anxiety.

You see, us, kitties, like humans, we also experience emotional stress, and it is something that it needs to be taken seriously and treated accordingly by you all humits!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Kitties and fireworks night (in UK)

A safe place for fireworks night!
I really don't know what is wrong with humits sometimes...Are they really stupid or what? I mean what is with humits and fireworks? What is the purpose of fireworks really...Can some humit explain it to me? It is unnecessary noise if you ask me or any other kitty.

Kitties (and other animals and birdies that is) can really stressed during firework season so you, silly humits, need to make sure your kitty always has somewhere to hide if he or she wants to and that he/she has always access to this place at all times. For example this could be under the bed, behind the sofa or in a cupboard or wardrobe.

Ideally during fireworks sensible humits should try and keep their kitties indoors and away from rooms with exit doors and windows.

At night humits should keep windows shut and close the curtains or blinds and put on some music or turn the TV on (put something nice on like Tom & Jerry or Sylvester and Tweety perhaps) so to muffle the sound of fireworks.

If possible try to ignore any signs of fear that your kitty might be showing and try to distract her/him by perhaps engaging the kitty in some form of interactive play (I usually play with my favourite toy mouse, Ripley and Choo just snooze it off, really). At the same time humits should try not to react to any firework noise themselves, just pretend humits that you can't hear or see anything. In some occasions the kitty might instead prefer to be left alone or to go into hiding instead. It is important humits that you don't force the kitty to do anything she/he doesn't want to do!

Make sure that your kitty is always kept in a safe and secure environment and can’t escape if there’s a sudden noise.

Finally you should never force or try to tempt your kitty to go outside out as this will cause your kitty to become more stressed or even get harmed.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

.How humits can keep their kitties safe during Halloween (from all the ghouls and goblins)

Yeap it is this time of the year once again when humits try to scare themselves by dressing up in silly costumes (and even try to dress up their kitties too...tsss tsss...Shame on you humits, you know who you are!) and demanding to be given free candies or sweets (wherever!). If these silly humits really want to know how to get something without the need to demand too much for it they should ask their kitties for some advice, we are experts on the matter, he, he.
Nevertheless since it is a silly humit tradition which can endanger us, kitties then they are a few things that humits can try to do to keep their kitties safe!

First of all they should try and Keep your kitties indoors

If you have indoor/outdoor kitties keep them in. If you have outdoor kitties – preferable – keep them someplace safe for the night. This time of the year animals/pets can mistreated, stolen, injured or even worse killed!

Also try to keep your kitty in a safe room perhaps away from the front door with plenty of fresh water, food, litter tray, comfy bed and favourite toys especially if you are used to get a lot of trick-or-treaters. Strange people appearing at the door wearing scary costumers can stress and scare your animals
Keep any Halloween lights out of the way so your kitties can't get to them and chew them: Us, kitties, are naturally inquisitive and are likely to try to explore anything new and unfamiliar.

Don't leave a lighted jack o' lantern unattended around kitties or other animals. Accidents can happen and a swish of a tail can start a fire. We, kitties, love to climb up on tables and counters and can cause fires or even burn ourselves!

Also and very importantly most kitties don't like putting on costumes and many animals stress out when their humans dress them up. If your animal is fine with it and you do put your kitty (or doggie) in fancy dress, make sure first of all that it's safe and it doesn't obstruct hearing, movement, breathing or sight.

And finally and very importantly don't get tempted to give to your animals any Halloween candy: Chocolate is toxic and lollipop and candy-apple sticks can get stuck in an animal's throat or perforate the stomach or bowels (I was forced to add this by my humit to make things clear, I purrsonally like all treats...)
    Finally to all humits and kitties:
    Have a great and safe Halloween (Samhain)!!!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Ten tell tell signs that your cat is more human than you!

1. Your cat seems to spend more time and take more space on your bed than you do!

 2. Your cat always eats better than you (her food looks and tastes better and it is more expensive than anything that you can afford to buy for yourself).  

 3. Your cat is more intelligent and talented than you!

4. Your cats seems to spend more time watching TV these days than you do (and she is not watching only nature programmes when you aren't around it seems!!)

5. Your cat seems to know how to operate all of your gadgets even better than you do (and she appears to be very skillful with your laptop...)!

6. Your cat can have a conversation and win all the arguments with you!

Your cats gets more and better presents at Christmas and birthdays than you do..

8. Your cat always tells you when it is dinner time (especially when you're late feeding her) and when to change her litter-tray.

9.  Your cat has more expensive furniture (and toys) than you do in the house...

10. ....and finally she has managed after all these years to train you well to obey all her ...demands and to let you believe that you are still the one in charge around the house (silly humans!).

Friday, 2 March 2012

All lies...I'm not really a little humit!

They don't make them that good any T&J!
Don't get me wrong I do like my humits...most of the times that is but sometimes they do get on my....paws! I mean they have some strange thoughts at times that they can be only described as bizarre and preposterous...oh that was a big word for me...I'm impressed! I mean they have this strange notion and they keep accusing me of being myself like a little humit, acting and behaving like a humit...that is! From where on earth do they get those ideas from? I mean you only need to look at me...seriously now? I don't look anything like a humit to start with (thank kittygod for that, that is!). And when it comes to behaviours...not even near enough to humits behaviours...You can't accuse me of being like a humit because I occasionally raise my meow to get a bit attention or to let them know that they need to clean my litter tray that instance....or to remind them their duties...this doesn't in any way sounds or looks like humits talking...humits talking too much, too often and for no apparent reason ... Well OK I do like a bit of routine especially when it comes to my feeding times but a routine required for humit purposes only as they are very forgetful and they will need constant reminder otherwise...So what if I have a favourite toy mousse, which is mine by the way, nobody else is allowed to touch pink mousie...touch it again Choo at your own peril...and die! Besides even if I do get bored with all my other toys it's only because they have being there for far too long...a couple of week and they become old and boring you know! Also I'm not obsessed with silly humit habits like watching we go again, humit just changes the I don't want to watch your silly film humit...leave TV remote alone...I want to watch the sleuth news again,no go away, xoo, xoo humit don't you have some kind of housework to do or something else more important instead of watching my TV?
I really don't think watching TV or owning a few DVDs makes me in any way humit...OK I'm being occasionally a bit noisy and wanting to know what happens in my home but of course it's a natural behaviour for a kitty like me. It's my duty to be aware of what's going on, checking everything new that enters my domain and checking on humits all the time because they need to be looked after by responsibility I guess!. In no way I'm as talkative and chatty as humits, bossy and demanding or fussy...these are humits bad habits and behaviours and definitely not mine...all lies. Now it's time to watch my favourite TV show...on my favourite spot on sofa and better be empty and unoccupied by the humit or else!

Friday, 17 February 2012

A the boxes

Today I've decided to have some fun with some available boxes!

The best hiding place ever!...Noone can find me here, he he!
Here I am humit...I bet you didn't know I was in here, did you now, he he!

This is quite funny! Little box inside big box with a little kitty inside, he he! What do you mean humit with a big fat kitty inside? How dare you now to say I'm fat!
OK I'm worn out now...time for a 10 hour snooze! I'm not Maru you know, all play all the time!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I thought I'd be nice to humits for once...

You see I'm the one and only purrfect kitty in the house!

OK being today that is, humits Valentine day or something (don't really understand it why they have to be especially nice and eat a lots of pawcolate only one day of the year anyway) I've decided that I can be nice to them for at least one day.
Well they are not very intelligent really but at least they do try most of times to be nice and kind to their own strange ways I guess.
So today I'll make an exception and I won't complain (much) about their inabilities to purrform their duties properly (especially when it comes to feeding, giving me attention and playing with me when I want to and NOT when they want to instead!). Instead I'll point out some of the peculiarities and strange behaviours that the other two kitties that live with me are often showing...
I mean when it comes to Choo Choo, hee, hee that half ginger pest....he is so weird that makes me feel embarrassed calling him a kitty, seriously it gives us kitties a real bad name...hee, hee, hee...he's so strange though even humits have noticed.
Basically among other peculiarities he has also a weird way of eating his food...he's very spoiled and lazy of course...he defines in humits dictionaries the word lazy, the purrfect example he is...he'll even eat while he sits down...he can't be asked to get up to eat...that lazy good for nothing kitty. He also tends to sleep on his food, using it often as pillow and more than often he will dip his tail in the plate with the food, leaving there to soak and then he will actually eat or lick it off from his tail...I mean how strange is don't dip your tail in food, it's not a humit biscuit you know to dip...strange kitty, very strange kitty...
Silly Choo he would snooze anywhere where there's food!

As for the other one, princess Ripley she is such a snob that it's so unbelievable and very annoying...don't touch my food this, don't go near my box or my sofa that, etc...sooo fussy.
Boy humits must be real glad that I at least have me, the purrfect kitty to live with otherwise who knows how they will have copied these two weirdos only! Silly and strange kitties indeed!

Friday, 3 February 2012

I don't want to sound like a humit but I don't seem to like lots of things....

I'm turning my back on humits and their silly ideas of even a remote resemblance with them, ha!

Well somedays it's good I guess to moan a little (like humits do all the time...) to get it out of your system! I mean life sometimes goes really against you and things don't go according to your purrfect plan! I'm not sure why this is the case but I guess it is what humits call life...unexpected things do happen, for example when you're expecting your dinner and it never arrives on time cause humit is too busy to bring your dinner when she is supposed to doing other unimportant things instead...grrr!
Anyway, today I thought I will complain about humits a bit...(no I don't complain about humits ALL THE TIME! Although they are at times almost impossible to live with...but being a tolerating and patience kitty I can forgive them for their impurrfections!).
Sometimes humits can be really mean and destructive...I mean yesterday this humit came next door and he chopped all the trees there, four nice big trees which attracted a lot of birdies all year round. I mean what those trees had ever done to the humit? Everybody knows that trees are good along with the other plants as they provide oxygen and they are primary producers which means that everybody depends on them, kitties, other animals and of course silly humits. My humits said that they were probably blocking the view or something...silly excuse to cut down a tree...oh those humits never learn it seems and they keep destroying the planet...till one day....
To make things worse today I saw photos of kitties on the internet wearing slices of bread...why? Humit said that some silly humits had too much time on their hands and they thought that humiliating their kitties was funny....funny how I ask?

Really and then you hear silly things like the stuff my humit writes these days or researches that us kitties have started looking and behaving a lot like humits...we're becoming cathumits or something, having similar personalities and often behaviour...all lies...Seriously though I do hope that's not true and we don't turn up looking like those silly breeds of humit made doggies I saw in the news again today...that will be a huge CATastrophe! I must keep telling myself I'm different, I'm not like my humit, I'm a Kitty, I'm a Kitty! Now where's that humit with my dinner, she's late again it seems...I'm not a very patient kitty you know...

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Being the youngest is not always that great…around humits that is!

I'm in charge around here...I'm in charge here!

Really I'm not anything like my humits! I don't moan that often you know like they do..I'm a very easy going kitty and often I forgive and forget....some (no smirking please, I’m meowing the truth you know!).  But sometimes, yeap, sometimes I'm not really happy with things…some things that is and I do feel this great urge to moan a little about it...You know when things are really getting you down!
As you probably already know (and if you don’t know shame on you…how can you not know such important things about me? Ha? Shame!) I’m the youngest of the three kitties in my home (humits don’t count cause they are by a long long way too old…far too old to count their ages really!) and of course I’m in charge of things around here (as it should be naturally) and even some might say that I’m a bit spoiled and too pampered (I wouldn’t go myself too far to say spoilt…just well looked after actually!).
Wherever! Nevertheless it is nice when I get my own way (which by the way is the right way) and things go smoothly as I like them to be….but sometimes there’s trouble in my paradise and this trouble results from the existence of the other two kitties in my house!
Take for example Ripley…which according to humits she is the oldest (blah blah….) so I’m supposed to be nice and hear this…respectful to her. I mean I don’t even know what respectful means anyway…as far as it concerns me, Ripley is another cat living in my house and therefore she should obey my own rules even if she is older than me (she was already living here when my humits brought me home as wee tiny kitty…so long ago!)…I can’t understand why humits think because she’s ‘older’ than me that she has to be the one in charge here and not me…unbelievable! Age has nothing to do with the capabilities (which meowself have) of a true leader like myself…I was born a leader don’t they know or understand that….therefore I must rule them all!
As for Choo Choo…grr that annoying ginger and white pest…what does it  really mean that he’s the only boy of us three and therefore he has special privileges and also that he’s again older than me…if I hear the word respect one more time muttered by humits I will meow very very loud….MEOOOOW!

I wish humits understood once and for all that age has nothing to do in my house domain with privileges and order of things….I’m in charge and nobody else…I’ll try all the food that is available. I’ll sleep on any place I like and I bother the other two if I feel like and I’ll check everything new…so there. Humits what do you say to all these then? Ha! What did you say humit? Oh my dinner is ready…about time too…the other two had theirs ages ago you know! Not fair!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions and other humit nonsense...

Trying to show to humits that I don't need dieting...I fit purrfectly see?

Yeap it is this time of the year once again... a new year, new beginnings, blah, blah,etc, etc...all this humit nonsense that every year goes around just after catsmas....
And it's not that I care really...humits can do whatever they like and pleases them as long as it has nothing to do with my and my well established habits...especially those that involve my dinners and snacks...
You know this time of the year we have the same idea coming up again and again...especially since humits always feel guilty for eating too much over the festive know when they start mentioning that horrible word that I don't want to really mention know which one I grrr oh curses!
I mean what do they have to go through the same ritual every year? They know really that whatever they promise to do to change in the new year it's not going to work because after a couple of weeks they will fall back to their old routines and eating habits...humits are like us after all, creatures of habit...why are they wasting their time with silly resolutions and scare me too... grrr purrs & meows!
The worst thing of all is all these new year resolutions you hear and see supposedly made by kitties around the globe as well that seem to really annoy me! you think that kitties are that stupid to make like silly humits promises for change in the new year? Don't think so...kitties don't do CHANGE, when are you going to learn humits???
An here is a good example of what I mean with 10 kitty resolutions for the new year...yeah right!

1. I promise to trim down a little (not likely really...why should I bother? I'm purrfect the way I am...besides it's just fur not fat...we said that before!)

2. I'll be friendlier to strangers (I won't run away from newcomers right away but instead, I'll give them a chance to scratch my ears before disappearing under the bed...)
Really? I never disappear I stay hidden and'll never know they might have some cat food with them after all...and nobody touches me other than my humits...(I draw the line here!)

3. I'll be cuddlier to family members (I'll purr more and be more affectionate to everyone in the family, except the dog – unless he promises to stay the heck out of my litter tray!)...yeah right I'm already too cuddly...take it or leave it humits...and thank goodness we have no dog (what's a dog?)...unless the other two count as one...maybe they're 'dogz' after all, they do annoy me most of the time...

4. I'll be nicer to the birds and fish in household (Sure, I'll be very nice to them. Perhaps if I'm nice, they'd want to come out and play with me)...I'm always nice to other creatures (except Choo Choo and Ripley that is...never nice to them...grr annoying kitties...and I don't go out anyway don't want to!)

5. I won't be as finicky about my food (Just as long as it's the right texture, taste and temperature, and given at the right time each day)...I'm never fussy about my food...I'll eat everything I was given and find around the house..even humit food at times...the purrfect kitty here!

6. I'll lay off the furniture and stick to my scratching post (After all, that's what the scratching post is for. Besides, I've made enough marks to show who really owns this place)...yeah right...I rule this place therefore I can do whatever I like (if you don't believe me ask the humits around here...they say too that I rule this place!)

7. I'll stop hiding stuff behind the couch (It's getting a little cluttered behind there anyways. Someone in the house is really trying to find that diamond ring – they're making too much of a racket)....I never hide anything behind the sofa...I may occasionally drop biscuits so I can have something later to eat but never anything on purpose...the remote control always falls behind the sofa anyway without my assistance!

8. I'll let everyone else sleep later (I suppose 5 a.m. is a little too early to get everyone up to feed me. I think I can hold on until 5:30 a.m)...I'm good as long as food is around they can sleep as long as they doesn't bother me really but if they do forget to leave food for me then....well it's not really my fault now is it?

9. I'll stay off the counters, at least when company is around. (I only get chased off anyways. Sooner or later everyone leaves, so I can patrol the countertops if I'm just a little patient)...I never jump on the counters anyway...what's counters? Are the places in the kitchen I can't reach? Oh I can't get to them...they are far too high for my little legs...besides there's never food left there anyway...

10. I'll be more tolerant of those homemade bandannas (They feel a little funny, and I dislike having something put on me, but the colors really do match my hair coat, and they set off my eyes nicely)...ha, ha...that's funny! Yeah like humits will dare to put anything on me...ha, ha! They know I have claws and teeth...I don't wear anything than my fur...besides humits forever they try to remove stuff from me like my fur....grrr!

Ha, ha these resolutions were so silly...definitely not written by a kitty but by a silly humit who thinks he/she knows us kitties funny!

Happy New Year to all then..even to silly humits!