Monday, 14 February 2011

My war at home... mostly with the ginger pest!

As always being helpful by holding the wall for humit!  

Things are not going well at the moment at home. You see I'm currently at war with the ginger pest, the 'Boy' as humits often call him...because apparently he is the only male in our home (well the male humit is not really humit says anyway!).
So because he is the only 'boy' he has also found a way to work the humits so they do whatever he wants them to do and these days he is getting very pampered and he has become a spoiled brat if you want my opinion...I mean he gets away with meowrder, with anything...and this mean one thing...the war has started.
Now it's getting very purrsonaly ... he is far too pampered and he has taken far too many liberties. I mean he even has humit2 (the not counting male that is)..handfeeding him, holding the plate at the right angle for him to eat in comfort (grrr the pest!). Not only he is allowed to sleep on the bed but I even saw humit holding his paw so he would go to sleep(how pathetic, a disgrace to the Felis catus species..especially having also to listen to humits going 'ahhh' the purr furbaby...yeah right no sympathy from this kitty I know that he is only playing the humits and tries to get them on his side....). Nope this has gone too far and now it's war...I'm not letting him getting away with anything and most importantly he is not getting my top spot...I'm in charge in here(of all kitties and humits) and this is not going to change anytime soon...if he wants to play dirty I'm ready for him...this kitty here always wins!
So now I'm changing my own ways to become more helpful and sympathetic towards humits...(you know sitting on humits lap and purring aways while they are allowed to scratch cheeks and chin...and looking oh so cute and of course trying to be helpful and considerate). Today was a good example when I've tried to help humit with the bed changing business (see me helping...) 
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but once again the ginger pest had the same idea and he also arrived and then he chased me off the bed...Of course humit was not very pleased with two kitties running on the just made up bed and things didn't go according to plan but at least I've tried...I have to try a little bit harder so now I'm showing my humit my little belly and being all cute and supportive while she is working...where's the ginger pest now? Upstairs on the clean bed snoozing. One nil to me thank you I win today's battle, he, he...meoooow to me!

Friday, 4 February 2011