Friday, 27 August 2010

You can't let food get wasted, can you now?

See? Food about to get wasted without my help!  
I'm a very,very considered kitty....not only I understand that my humits are only humits with their many faults which they can't control at times or they are even aware that they have, but I'm also very helpful at times. You see, I do understand that humits need what they call 'money' (don't know why really humits are making their lives too complicated and they need something else to use to get something else....too complicated and pointless in my opinion...) so they can buy me food, toys and shacks, etc and I know that they need quite a lot of money to do so and therefore they need to work to get that money (again don't get it why they don't just get my food direct instead of using an intermediate...humits so overestimated, when really they have no common sense at times!) so to help and to show my appreciation I will make sure that no food around gets wasted...I know one of the things that humits tend to moan about a lot is about waste...what we kitties apparently waste at home! The funny thing is that humits are OK with the things they waste...far too much food which they won't eat, far too many clothes, shoes, bags etc which they don't need or use all the time...etc.
So it is rather annoying though that humits accuse us that we are wasteful when we clearly don't need too many things like they do (or they think they do) as we have no need for clothes, shoes, accessories, toiletries and make up (and whatever they buy for us with exception of course of food, litter and the occasional toy or scratching area if they won't let us use what is free and available in the house that is...). So I try to help humits as much as I can by making sure that no kitty food is getting wasted and even in some cases some humit food too which clearly humits are about to waste...So all the accusations of me being greedy and eating others' food are not valid and they are only rumours spread by those who don't really like me (the other ones that live here and who don't like me because I'm the humits favourite quite clearly and right so). So to make it clear once and for all, I don't steal others' food, do not bully them so I can have their dinners and most definitely I don't eat all that food because I'm greedy or because I like food...I'm only doing it to help and support my humits...clear? Now I'm going downstairs to check if any of the other two has left...I meant wasted their food again...purrs and meows for now!

Friday, 20 August 2010

When humits are busy...

Where are the humits when you need them?   

quite useful to have around at all times, especially when you succeed in training them to read your moods and even your body language so they know when it is dinner time without you having to tell them every single boring! But there are humits though who are completely hopeless and of low intelligent as they can't seem to be able to master simple signs such as: 'I'm hungry now...feed now...not later'....but what can you do, you learn to live and cope with what you have got to work least they can provide with a roof above your head and some food at times I guess!
In a sense I'm kinda lucky that my humits are pretty intelligent for humit standards that is, so I have no problems with communications...they have learned and adapted to all my needs and they always comply...Always except when they are busy that is because they are doing other things which they think they are more important than attending to my needs...I mean how work can be more important than my need to get attention and to play with when I'm in the mood for playing that is...How can they justify ignoring my demands for attention and play time and continue to do 'work' is beyond my intelligent thinking...really! Other than that I'm quite satisfy with my humits...I wonder though if there is some form of medication that the vet might be able to prescribe, since he was a cure for everything that it might help to get attention when humits seem preoccupied....hmmm...need to find out I thinkz!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Not guilty...really

Trying to hide from shame and the other ginger pest!  

You know it's really easy to get blamed for things you haven't done...No matter how hard you can try to explain that you are innocent and everything was circumstantial...humits won't be believe you because they think they know everything...yes it can be frustrating trying to convince those stubborn humits that they are wrong and that they don't know everything after all...
You see I'm an indoor kitty...I've always being an indoor kitty and have never being outside other than the few dreadful occasions to that witch doctor, the torturer who humits call the vet...yeah right...I've got other names for him you know and none of them is that nice!
Anyway so yes I haven't being outside all my life and even with doors and windows open I still don't feel the urge to venture outside....I mean all these unfamiliar sounds, smells and constant noise...and even when it is hot it is a lot better inside and often I feel sorry for the kitties outside...especially Dora from next door who she sleep these days in a pile of old and dry garden weed and leaves...on the 'heap' as the humits call it...I mean that can't be comfortable and she always looks very keen to come inside and not so keen to go to her own home (with 2 other pesky kitties, 2 humits and a constant crying small thing that kinda looks like a small humit but it kind ain't...far too noise for starters..we can even hear in my home most days...very noisy and annoying...can't blame Dora for not wanting to go home...).
So really I don't particularly want to go outside really but sometimes I get a bit curious, especially when I see my humits outside...if they are outside then it must be safe for a kitty like me to have a quick look...Apparently though humits don't think the same way (what's new here really...) so when they saw me outside this morning following them in the garden they freaked out big time...they thought that I was trying to escape or something..really now...I was only just sniffing and checking the world outside to make sure that it was safe for my humits to be outside on their own...and trying to figure out what is so special about going outside...not much really far too noisy and smelly as I was expected it to be which, on the other hand, doesn't explain really why humits are keen to go outside that often...
So in truth I was not at all interested in going outside, I was just looking...testing... so there was no reason for humits to get annoyed with me and to start checking for fleas and dirty paws and fur...paranoia...I was only outside for a few seconds...really now!
Well I've learned my lesson now...not going outside outside makes you paranoid and crazy apparently looking at examples of humit behaviour...

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Holidays....grrr! (Part 2)

today...assisting humit with work!

Well I thought I carry on with my little explanation on why I really really hate humits' holidays as I've promised yesterday since holidays can be a very traumatic experience for us kitties and all other humit companions (those pesky dogs included too...grr!).
You see, the thing is that although I kinda understand (I thinkz) that perhaps humits because of the work they do outdoors (although my humits work indoors...they are indoors like me, he, he) they might need a little break now and then but what I don't really understand is why they need to go away and leave us with sometimes totally strangers or even in worse case scenarios to even strange, unfamiliar places....don't they know how stressful their holidays are to us? We are creatures of habit and comfort and anything that upsets our routine can cause permanent psychological and even physical damages...because no one can look after us properly than our humit servant or carer as they seem to prefer it (in their little minds that is...).
I mean take for example my own recent and very painful experience...humit1 has to go away for a week (on what she called a study week...yeah right...we all know too well what kind of a week that was really...) and she left me (and the other two of course but they don't really count as they didn't seem to care that much or take a lot of notice...) in the care of humit2...a humit who, we all know pretty well that he is not in reality capable of even looking after himself, let alone looking after three other very demanding and pampered kitties...well, the other two I meant they are very demanding and pampered...I purrsonally don't fall to that category as I'm well behaved and not at all demanding...yeah really!
The problem you see was not really that food was always late, not the right size, portion or even flavour...pate only served in the morning, fish in jelly is in the menu for afternoon and dinner...biscuits bowl should at all times kept full and water needs to be changed regularly and not once a day...and please do not let me start with the state of the litter trays...that humit is not one of the cleanest of his species it appears from his own toilet habits and I'm not gossiping here...really!
But when it comes to attention and play time he has so much to learn....he doesn't seem to understand the concept of 'meowww....give me attention right now' as well as humit1 and has no idea on how to rub a belly or scratch behind ears and under chins...and has the audacity to complain about scratches on his legs and knees when I sat on his lap...doesn't he know that I have claws and that I need to use them now and then?...dear me...what a humit...!
And these are just a few of the traumatic events that took place while humit1 was you understand how pleased I was to see humit1 back again and everything going back to normal (although I had to play it hard to get for a while...for about an hour so humit1 knew that I was very annoyed with her). Hopefully no more holidays or away weeks for whatever reason are not in humits' agenda ever again because I'm going to be very very annoyed if Ihave to go through such a hell ever again....grrr I hate humit holidays!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Holidays, grrrr! (Part 1)


OK, there are a few things in life that I really hate (among other kitties in my turf, doggies, humit kiddies....too noisy for my liking....dinner not on time, small portions, etc....but we are not going to mention all of my little dislikes here, really!) but the one thing that really annoys me right now is this humit word that they are using far too enough this time of the year...holidays...I mean why humits really need, kitties, do not considere going on holidays...ever...because we don't need to go on holidays, really, as everyday is a holiday for us...good food, entertainment and a lot of attention...what else a kitty needs? Well, the same should apply for humits then...they get good food all year around...get a lot of entertainment from different sources and they also get a lot of attention from us...and even in some cases they seem to complain that we do give them too much...see?
So why do they need to spoil everything by going on holiday then? Why do they need a break? We don't ask for a break away from our humits now, do we? Of course not as we do appreciate all the good things in life...humits included! So why humits have to go away for a whole week and leave us in the care of other humits who are not capable of looking us after properly? Even if humit2 is the one left behind to look after us, still things are not the same when humit1 is not around...our life changes for ever...(to be continued...tomorrow as I'm out of time right now)