Friday, 28 August 2009

Cat & Humat eating habits

Spotted a variable bird  for my diet

I often wonder about our eating habits and those of our humats helpers and to be honest here I can't say that I can see a lot of similarity... Like us humats like also to eat often and a lot...unlike us though they like to give different names to their food times during the day which often makes me wonder as I can't seem to able to understand why they don't simply eat when they are hungry, this kitty here meeowno understand. The annoying thing is that they try to impose those silly rules to us...we have to eat like them at certain, I don't think so, we are kitties and we will eat when hungry... I would like to eat when my belly tells me that needs filling and not when my humat thinks that I should...meoww!
The other thing is that humats like us like a lot nice tasty meat and fishy...they eat like us a lot of tuna (they seem to love tune more than we do actually....hmmm fancy a bit of tuna now...stop it now kitty concentrate on your paws typing here) and other fish...salmon, sardine, cod...etc. Of course they tend to eat it nice and fresh and we getting from a tin or sachet and it doesn't always look like fish or meat for that matter. Sometimes it smells like fish but the appearance is yuk!
We also like the same types of meat that humans eat and in even in some cases our diet appears to have more variety and to be richer as it also includes small mice, slugs, frogs and of course juicy insects like flies (which humats think that they don't taste nice without even trying them.... consciously that is as every kitty knows too well that humats secretly often swallow small insects particularly when they are sleeping, walking, etc). We also don't mind eating other stuff that too humats like eating like diary products including yogurt, cream and milk, (although not all kitties can tolerate or like cows milk), a lot of green (including their plants and flowers), biscuits and some kitties seem to like other exotic food like olives, ice-cream, some fruit...well each one with his own tastes and preferences...And of course humats like us they often enjoy eating some of our fur too (for getting some roughage) often with their own food. So humats don't be so mean and selfish when you eat and us kitties want to taste what is on your should consider it a honour that we want to share your food as we consider you at times of course quasi-equals to us. 

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Us and our humats

Always trying to find new ways to improve myself

After a lot of thinking (between and during snoozing) I came to the conclusion (and this is a rather painful one too) that humats are very similar to us after all, despite common kitty belief of cat suprurrmacy....You see we seem to have a lot of things in common (size of brain being one of them, humats got big brains and like us they don't use all of it at all use what you need when you need it...common kitty sense tell you so). Humats have territories like us (which in most cases are our own and we simply allow them to use them with permission) which they called their homes...and they will show very aggressive behaviour when it comes to defending them from other intruders, from their own species. Also humats like us like eating a lot and often...their feeding schedules have names such prurrrkfast, munch, suppurr, dinpurr and in between those feeding schedules they have what they call snacks...or as we know it better as treats! Most of the humat food tastes also the same as our own; they have wet food (meat or fishy flavour) with greens and dry food (sometimes they have biscuits or other dry stuff like cakes, bread...). They also like us tend to sleep a lot, they will sleep upon hours at night time (missing in meow opinion most of the fun) and they will snooze during the day (they often call it napping...humats we invented catnapping you know!). Like us they like being in charge of everything and everybody (of course they are not really in charge of is the other way around as us, kitties, all around the world know too well...) and they will often forced to pay others to provide them with the services they need (which we can do for free of course, as we only need to be cute and cuddly, something that I guess it doesn't work very well and at all times with humats!). Also they are very curious and want to explore everything that is new and they haven't seen before (I guess this is why they seem to travel a lot, they like exploring other territories and claim if possible as theirs). Like us they also getting bored easily with their toys (which they call gadgets) and replace them as often as they can...calling it often upgrading I guess...Humats are like us very very stubborn and they won't often take no for an answer and they would try other methods of persuasion (often they call them logical arguments) to get their own way...not always as successful as us kitties I admit.
Of course there are other things that us kitties and humats are sharing and have in common but I need to stop typing now as my paws are getting too tired...meoowws for now!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Humats and weekends

When humats are away a kitty must entertain purrself

I really don't like weekends....for some cat obvious reasons. First of all I don't really know what all the fuss is about 'weekends' in the first place...they are only two days with the same hour length and weather as all the other days of what humats call weeks...Secondly why everything during the weekend is delayed and not happening and humats are acting like they are another species on these days? Most importantly why on meows and purrs I'm getting my breakfast later than normal on these days and what is all this big fuss about sleeping a bit longer over the weekend than any other kitties we sleep and snooze when we feel sleepy and we don't need any weekends to have a 'bit of extra sleep'...not when it interferes with my meals schedule anyway...Then why all this sudden urge to go out all day and entertain yourselves and living us kitties all alone on hours upon hours...don't you know humats that this bizarre behaviour disrupts our own firmed established schedule? Us kitties need to be fed at certain hours, play and entertained at others and given attention all day and in some cases most of the nights long...Don't you understand the principle here humats that us kitties are here for all the duration of your lives and since we are not going anywhere you are not supposed to go either...well not without asking permission first, to let us know where you are planning to go, for how long and whether this outdoors activity will affect our own established for going on holiday...well this is an entire other matter which I will discuss some other time...meowws for now!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

My Summer Days

Trying to hide from brushes and scissors!!

Don't get me wrong humats and purrpals. I like summer...I like sunny days to snack and to snooze and to take it in general easy, but there are summer days that I don't really enjoy as I have to spend them trying to hide from my humats. You see I'm a pussykitty who has a a lot of qualities, intelligence, grace and of course I'm also very very cute (it's not me who thinks so but my humats are keep telling it must be true). But I'm also a pussykitty who carries a lot of fur and likes rolling and playing with old and new things which have or not my fur as a result gets at times I do admit it a bit messy...But you see, I don't mind having a bit of a messy fur but my humats being stubborn and very persistent, say that my lovely fur coat needs combing and grooming to get rid dirt and mats...This is their point of view I, on the other hand, don't really think so! You see humats has being really hot these past few days and a kitty like me with a lot of fur needs to find cool spots to sleep and relax!. This might be anything from the bathtub to the kitchen floor which I admit is not at all times that clean and my fur tends to pick up a bit of dust and other parts that are used in humats cooking habits. SO WHAT? I don't mind a bit of dirt and dust on my fur...I can should you humats. So don't try to catch me to brush, groom and trim...I don't like any of those...My fur and I are quite happy without all that human attention...So I will stay hidden till you decide humats that I don't need grooming and I will use claws and teeth to protect my own furturf! So there....meooww!

Monday, 17 August 2009

For some humat cat carers!

Tired kitty at work!

I really have a problem with some humats who look after us, kitties, without actually thinking that us, kitties, might really think, like and hate about certain situations. Most of us kitties, humats, you should know by now, that we are what you call rather timid. It is a natural behaviour which us, small predators, need to keep us safe from bigger predators. We need to hide and flight from things and sounds unknown and to be weary from strangers, especially big humats who don't smell familiar. So when you have a lot of your own species around, for what you call entertainment, you should at the same time have a room in your big territory where us, kitties, can go and stay and left in peace till your territory and ours is quiet again and all these strange non-furhumats have finally evacuated it. You know humats, us kitties, like you at time we simply want to be left alone and not disturbed by others, four or two legged species. So we need our space or room where we can go to relax and ponder and think about the world around us. 
Also you should know better by now and not not to leave us outside when there are a lot of people, celebrating and making a lot of noise with what you call 'fireworks' as they are really very loud for our own sense of hearing and scary too...and on that subject what is the point of fireworks humats anyway? They are too noisy and they scare and disrupt other animals too...can you just have quietly fun? Consider all the other animals that share your environment...they don't need to suffer for you to have a bit of fun, do they now? Meoowww! 

Friday, 14 August 2009

Internet woes

Bored kitty here!

We are all so dependent on internet these days that it is scary when you suddenly realise that your life has no meaning and you lose all purpose in life, when you suddenly you find yourself with no access to the wide catweb , and you suddenly realise that you are fiddling with your claws or fingers because we can't twitter or blog anymore. So sad, so terrific! I guess an intellectual and experienced pussykity like me should have a lot of things to do in such occasions like reading a good cat book, trying to find missing toys which haven't seen for months...(I wonder where that little grey toy mouse I used to carry around all the time might be...), looking around for hidden treats and left overs from breakfast-time, bother my humat till she gives me some attention, pester the other two lazy ones who wasting their life by sleeping for hours upon hours, etc, etc. Yes I know there are a lot of things that I could do if I can't get to the internet (same goes for my humats, reading would be a very good idea for them to make some use of these idle grey cells) but to be honest I do prefer instead the fun I get when trying to type my messages with my fat and fury paws and give some advice to other fellow pussykitties and their humats, when updating on twitter and generally be able to communicate with so many other pussykitties all over the world and to be aware of what's going on the feline and human world. Yes it is really furstrating when you can't have internet access especially at the lonely dark hours when humats and cats are all in the snoring land...I need to keep my purrself entertained and well informed...connect me meoowww pleaseee!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Cats rule!

Yesterday my two humats went out to do some bat watching. Apparently some other humat who is an expert in bats was going to talk about them and then go around the big garden we have here in town (Botanic Garden) to find some. 
When the two came back they couldn't stop talking about them. I can't say that I liked this new enthusiasm from my two humats... they were kept saying that bats are cute, they do this and that, they eat a lot of mosquitoes per night (something like 300 per bat per night), they are endangered species (I would be an endangered species if they don't feed me soon, meeooww) and they are protected in UK, there are many different types of bats on the island, they are look more like humans than mice (mice...are bats mice then? Where are they, get me one then), their wing span is really big, they the smallest ones can live up to 12-14 years, they eat mainly insects or fruits, etc, etc.
OK they fly around and eat insects, I get it, OK they are not many left but they are not like humans (us cats are more similar with our humats than humats think or believe and much more intelligent than them anyway) but I don't comprehend this new obsession. Aren't we pussykitties enough to get obsessed with humans? Aren't we good enough for you any more? Why such an obsession with flying mammals then? You can't keep them as pets, meeowws and purrrs you can't even see them properly, they only fly at night...stop then talking about them and go and fetch my dinner now....meow!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Monday's ranting

Monday is a very depressing day...I guess it doesn't help when it isn't mid August yet and the weather is yuk! Yesterday nice warm rainy and cold. Sometimes I wish I was a mediterranean pussykitty (although my humat1 says that pussykitties there are very very skinny!)
Nevertheless I feel rather depressed today and not so good...I guess it is true that they say about us cats, we do reflect our humats emotions, when they are feeling depressed we are feeling it too. I guess I need to find a nice quiet place where I can stretch my paws and have a little snooze but first I need to have a little snack. A little food always cheer me up, a nice bit of tuna perhaps or some chicken or even a bit of ham...I know there is a spare slice somewhere in the fridge...not enough for a humat sandwich, enough for a little poor hungry depressed kitty...meeoww!
Anyway back to be depressed because my humats at least they can go out and cheer themselves up a bit I have to depend on them and to pestering the other two in the house to get some fun...and the other two are not much of a fun as they prefer to sleep instead than being awake for me to pester...oh well, soon Monday would be over and we will all feel a bit better. But really humats don't be depressed you make me feel sad too and this puts me off my food...if anything can put me off my dinner...Come on where is that ham slice then...purrr!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Sheng Chi's intelligent thinking

I've have being doing some reading quite a lot recently (as there is a lot to read around as my human is currently doing a research about pets personalities and behaviour) and I came up to a few conclusions about us cats and you human species. 
You see humans have recently found out that us cats like humans and the other species (you know which, the ones that bark a lot...meowww) have personalities too which include elements such as 'friendly', 'alert', 'placid, 'active', 'vocal' and 'inquisitive' along with their opposites. Other humans came also to the conclusion that we like them tend to be either left or right-handed (it was in one of newspapers yesterday see at: They also have figured out that we are very intelligent and that we can learn through trial and error, experience, observations, blah, blah, etc. 
Well all these plethora of information is very informative and interesting to you perhaps humans but in reality it doesn't really tell us anything new. You see all us cats know very well that we are very clever and capable to control and manipulate other species and in particular humans so they can obey us and take care of us, this is what we do. 
What we need now is to convince you humans that we know best and when we are not happy with certain things aka food, sleeping arrangements, toys available to entertain ourselves, preferable scratching surfaces, litter trays and good litter, areas to climb and observe our domain and subjects (you humans) then we will do things that you won't like to tell you so! (for example, urinating in other areas in the house if the litter tray is not to our own standards, scratch carpets and sofas if the scratching post doesn't accommodate our needs, etc) 
It is your job you see to make certain that we have what we need at all times and there are no changes in our daily routines so life can go as normal. You see humans when we are happy you are happy too because we make you happy by just being around to be admired and adored...Meow and purrr!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Sheng Chi's top ten tips for indoors cats!

Here are my top ten tips for all indoor good pussycats which I discovered after years of research on human behaviour!

1. Always appear to be hungry...even if you have just eaten and there is more than one humans living in your house.
2. Always live a mess after you have being to the litter tray. It is your humans duty as your carers to clean after you.
3. Always demand attention particularly when your humans appear to be busy. e.g watching TV or working on their computer. If purring and meowing doesn't work try climbing on top of telly/screen if possible and hang tail above the screen (this works better for kitties with bushy tails as they can cover a lot of the screen area).
4. When your human(s) buys you new toys do not look excited or show any kind of interest for the toys for at least a few weeks till they have forgotten about it. Instead show interest for the box or package that came in.
5. Always be present when a human opens the fridge or cupbaord where food is kept...and stare. There is 99% chance that you'll get some treat.
6. Always demand to sit in the middle of the sofa when the human is sitting there. If meowing and purring doesn't work then do the starring straight in the eyes always works
7. If there is a staircase in the house always sit or sleep at the bottom of the stair in the middle especially during the hours that humans are at home.
8. Always leave your toys (plastic balls are better) in the middle of the room, if humans step on them they will replace them with new ones.
9. Always meow loud, as you are in some form of pain when you are on your own upstairs or in the middle of the night...there is nothing more entertaining than worried humans running upstairs to check on this only when you are very bored and not that often as they might figure out that you are 'faking' it.
10. Always try to sleep in the middle of the bed after the humans have fallen asleep and try to push each human on the sides as much as you will have a lot of space to stretch, also try snoring too, it helps!