Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Some facts about...me

A very intellect kitty here..ponders on important questions? Where's dinner?

Well today I've decided to talk a bit about myself, being a good representative of my species, Felis catus (well, Sheng Chi for simplicity), why I'm so special and my humits adore me (yes you do humits, you know you do...I'm the most important thing in your life and you'll always make me your priority, especially when it comes to my feeding schedule...me first...the other two last!)...Anyway what I was saying? Oh yes how unique and important I'm really, I am...You see humits believe (seriously, they do) that they are the best species that has ever appeared on this planet (and even, some, also believe that they are the best species that is to be found on the entire universe, and the whole world has evolved around them....he, he so silly...excuse me for a minute while I'm recovering from my laughing fit...yes kitties can laugh...in their own way...). Anyway no matter how disillusioned humits might be often they use their command of vocal sounds to make their point of how clever they are (as well as the fact that they have opposable thumbs...which is not the best example really why we, kitties, on the other hand have many paws and retractable claws which we can use for our own advantages, to train our humit servants to use their opposable thumbs to provide us with a lot of services..food mainly, scratching behind the ears and under the chin or areas that are really hard to reach with your tongue, cleaning our litter tray, etc to name just a few!).
But when it comes to their vocal communications they seem to forget how vocal we have become ourselves since we were domesticated over 9000 years ago (humits think) by humits or in reality as we, kitties, know too well, we've decided to live with humits because we thought that their lives would vastly improve with our presence and we figured out that you were so easy to please and train than any other available species on this planet at that time (don't worry humits...you still are). We now have a very rich repertoire of vocal sounds and we often meow or 'talk' to you to tell you what we need and what you can do to please us and despite the fact that you can't really learn our own language(how hard could it be for clever humits, really!) we still manage to communicate just fine. Of course we still let you speak to us in your silly humit language with the real annoying granting noises you are making but unconsciously you have being well trained by us to fully understand us. Time and a lot of practice and patience from own part has made you quite adequate to understanding us. For example I use my different meows to let my humits know when I'm hungry, when I need attention, when I want to sit on my chair while a humit is occupying it, when my litter tray needs attention after I've being, when I'm in the mood for playing...when you are not supposed to do anything else than play with me...when I don't want to be bothered by you or else, etc...There are many meows for many occasions...a very rich kitty vocabulary I would say...
As for these silly humit who come up with these silly ideas, see at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1350168/Dont-sleep-pet-catch-something.html#comments ....what else is to say but totally nonsense? Some humit subspecies need a lot of evolving to reach our own level and to communicate and understand us...as my humits say....humits that go outside carry more harmful microbes than kitties that live permanently indoors and they should always wash hands and even change clothing before they consider coming into close contact with us! Yeap meow to that!

Monday, 3 January 2011

A little new year meowing!

Silly humit to say that I need to lose  some weight...what belly?

Well holidays have a big impact on us kitties too you know...when our humits are becoming lazy and lethargic because they don't have to do much over the holiday period just eat and sleep which of course affect us too...You see we kitties are tuned with our humits emotions and what they are feeling we usually feel it too...so when they are bored and tired we are feeling bored and tired too without actually having eaten as much as they have.. well, usually! It's scary how much humits can change in a short space of time just a couple of weeks...take away their routine and suddenly they become totally different humits...A lesson to be learned here humits..change of routine is bad for all creatures...humits included!
But being bored and not doing much...even forgetting to feed us and to play with us on a regular basis is half the problem...The worst thing is this new thingi which they call New Year's resolutions that causes a lot of problems...in my opinion it causes havoc to our routines...you see humits sometimes listen to voices in their heads...which they called consciousness (you see they've never figured out how to ignore those voices like we do...) and which appear to be stronger and more convincing after they have done things that they normally won't do other times of the year...and these voices tell them that they have eaten too much, that they are overweight and that they need to start eating healthy and less...can you believe these silly voices? So humits to make those voices stop in their heads they decide to stop eating a lot that nice food (meat and sweeties) and go on a diet and they even start eating healthy and wait for it...the worst bit is that they also decide that we, kitties, need to also eat better and less....ha, ha what a joke...I've always thought that humits are not mentally that well...they need a lot of help from professionals. So now I need to convince my humits not to listen to those silly voices in their heads but instead to listen to the voice of reason..my voice...kitty needs a lot of feeding this new year...more and nicer food...
Talking about voices of reason I've just saw this online with my humit at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12106609 and we both go rather annoyed...what a lot of rubbish I say (my humit says too...) Of course the kitty is stressed as he is faced with a predator on a regular basis...also not all cats are the same...if this kitty is OK with that doggie this doesn't mean that another kitty would also be OK with this or any other doggie...kitties like humans are individuals and not all the same or they will react in the same way under the same circumstances...doh! Of course the humit on the video doesn't seem to know much because he is dealing with doggies and not with kitties...silly humit!