Sunday, 22 July 2007

A nice day - 22nd July

You see one of my favourite things is sleeping in high above the ground places, something that many of us cats like doing it, not only because we feel safer but because this way we can have a better view of everything that is happening and know if everything else is going to happen. This is why I like sleeping on window sills (if I can fit as I'm a bit 'wider' these days than I used to be, as sometimes can't help myself and say no to biscuits or to a bit of food that the other too might have left hanging around...well you see I do enjoy eating, one of the pleasures of a cat's life), tables, desks, shelves and everything that it is above ground and it can take my weight, which sometimes means things like computer towers which I call cat towers.

Humans seem to have this silly habit of buying new things, things that often don't really need and to replace things that they don't need replacing. A good example is computers and mobile phones. People change them all the day with what they call 'upgrading', which basically means getting something that it does something that the previous gadget wouldn't do and that they don't really need. Like phones that can play music and take pictures or surf the net while at the same time they have separate MP3 players, digi cameras and computers....There are of course other occasions when upgrading is necessary when computers break down (we had that experience quite recently) or become too old to cope with modern technology or simple had their day. Nevertheless the fact remains that we end up with many gadgets that they have no use any more but they still take a lot of space at home and this is where we cats come and make at least some use of these gadgets. For example a computer tower makes a nice resting place for a few days that is till we find something else, new.

But of course since today it is a really nice sunny day the race is on to find the most sunny spot in the house and claim it first. Choo Choo has his own sunny place, a run down cardboard box and I have mine, the table which is quite high, wide and mine, all mine. Plus with the window next by I also get some fresh air too. It is the best place there in the house and it is mine and I don't have to share. Well, I let the humans use it occasionally e.g. to have their dinner providing of course that they clean their mess afterwards.

Anyway I waste a lot of time typing and it is time to go back to my sunny spot before the sun disappears for the day. Now that both my humans are finally home I can relax and enjoy the rest of my Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

A very quiet day - Friday 20th July

I mentioned in my previous post that one of my two humans has being away for a couple of days for business matters leaving me with the other two cats and my other human (in a sense I'm glad that it was the male one and not the female that had to go as I'm more fond of her since she is the one that she feeds us and generally looks after us without getting annoyed that easily...well accidents do happen when sometimes I move casually around!). I've also mentioned that it felt really strange in the house as it was much more quieter and unsettling at times wonderingaround. You will be surprised how much space a human can take, not that they are physically that huge, they are of course much more bigger than us cats and at times they can look rather intimidating, when they are standing in front of you, which explains why I prefer my female human because she is not only much smaller but also quite often when she is talking or playing with or when she is 'grooming' me she bends down and she speaks in a quieter voice that doesn't sound too loud and deafening either....

Anyway the human presence in general feels quite overpowering and it feels that it takes too much space simply because humans like to be noticed by other humans or other species and don't like to be secretive or to be ignored when they move about because that can make them feel insignificant and unimportant. Oh, the human vanity, it is well known among all other species that they have encountered humans on this planet and....Anyway humans simply can't bear the thought that they could be considered not as important as they think that they are masters of the world and they foolishly elieve that they can control and know everything....Oh well, they do have their good points I guess, I do get good food, a lot of pampering and often I can get away with murder if I look cute enough and make silly pathetic noises that humans call 'meowing'. What else can a cat ask for?

Back to my story now and to my own humans, who might not be perfect but at least they are mine and I'm quite happy with them. As I was saying the day went really slowly and felt very strange, having only one human in the house. Everything was as normal as she is the one that feeds us and generally looks after us so she got up pretty early, fed us as normal, put the telly on (she normally tells him off because he keeps the telly on all the time without necessarily watching anything, for 'noise and company' as he says) so the house wasn't that quiet (although she soon got fed up with the Golf and she put a Tom & Jerry DVD on...I can't blame her, golf is a boring sport - as I can't see where the little ball on the screen is to chase it with my paw...)

Then she went back to her work and spend most of the day working on her computer till dinner time when she got up to feed us again. The break in the normality was early in the evening when she played some music as she normally won't do it as he is the one who plays his own music which she really hates. You see, he has a passion for what he calls '80s music' and she thinks that it is generally rubbish - I do share her opinion as that music can easily drive any healthy pussycat to a nervous breakdown.

So afterwards she was back to working, then having a little break to play with me and the other two, than some late dinner for her (she normally likes eating late as she goes to bed rather late or very early in the she likes working or studying at night when it is much quieter and easier for her to concentrate with few distractions - again I totally sympathise with her, it is better at night for play, work, prey and study...

So although nothing out of the ordinary happened all day, yet it felt strange and my other human's absence was noticed. It is so much better when he is around too, not only because I can get attention and also help him with his work on the computer (you can see I can type with my paws and click the mouse - although I could never understood why that plastic thing with buttons and the little red light is called a mouse, as clearly doesn't look anything at all like a mouse) but also because I like him too.

So I'm glad that the day has gone and that he is coming home today, so everything can go back to normal as I definitely like both my humans to be home.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Thursday 19th July - A rather strange day

I don't know if I've mentioned it before or not (probably I didn't as I was in a hurry yesterday) but I live in a house with two humans (a couple as they called themselves ) and two other cats (a female, 4 years older than me - I'm 3 - and a male, two years older). Before I give a quick description of my two humans I'll say a few words about the other cats who share the same roof with me. The female is a black one, a rather easily scared cat although she has improved a lot the last few months, and who I know how to put in her place. You see she knows that I'm the top cat, the one in charge and she will do whatever I tell her to do. She has her own hiding and sleeping places and I have mine, which she respects (by the way in case that you didn't know we, cats, have our own hierarchy system so we can live in perfect harmony in shared environments). The male one is white with, you won't believe this, ginger patches (yeap you read correctly, ginger) and he used to be a stray cat and was adopted and brought to our little family almost two years ago. Despite his history and the fact that he is a recent 'addition' he has some attitude problems and instead of being grateful and respectful he wants to be the top cat and occasionally he even tries to get his own way with the humans (poor thing, sometimes he can be soooo stupid and naive, you have to feel sorry for him...well I don't, as he is a pain in the ... tail!)

Anyway back to my humans now who they are at home all the time (well, almost) as they work from home, since we moved here and therefore they can give me attention, food and play with them when I feel like. You see we moved here into this small sea town about 8 months ago and there hasn't been a night that my humans haven't being around. Of course they go out occasionally for what they call 'choruses' and work related matters but they have always returned on the same day. Except from today that is.

My male human earlier today left the house with a small backpack and he hasn't being back yet. This is very strange and unusual but apparently he had to go back to London (where we used to live) for work matters and he won't be back till late on Saturday (I heard my other human saying on the phone). I mean this isn't something totally strange for human behaviour as he works for a London company but it feels really weird. For starters the house is really quiet. My other human is being working all day on her computer and although the TV is on, it still feels strange as there is hardly any human talking (except from her talking to me and the others) disagreeing or complaining about the mess one of us did in the litter tray (another subject which I will like to bring at some other time) or the amount of food we cats eat, etc.

To be honest I've never thought that I will miss the human noise they call talking, discussing and that the lack of it will make me feel really uncomfortable. Even the house feels really empty as the other two cats are sleeping (as usual) and my human is downstairs working so there is nobody upstairs although there is plenty of light.

I've never realised how much I have got used to my humans and how much their presence affects our lives till now. Scary, we are too dependent on these humans.

I can just hope that my remaining human doesn't have to go out tomorrow for a lengthy period as I don't think I will be able to cope with a totally empty of humans house!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

July 18th - A sunny day

It has been a really really bad summer. Not because of the rain and the not so warm weather but also because of the limited number of birds that are visiting our garden. You see I'm a cat that likes spending a lot of time sitting on the window sill or on the shelf and picking up sun rays while I observe the world outside, mostly the birds that are coming to eat and drink in our modest garden as well as that daring devil, mouse that occasionaly appears so he can steal some seeds from the birds without worrying about any predators. Although I'm an indoor cat and I don't consider myself as a predator as such, there are other cats that occasionally are visiting our garden (the nerve!) as well as the occasional sparrowhawk or other birds of prey as we live in small town with a lot of wildlife around us.

But in general our garden is pretty safe, this is why we have many bird visitors on a daily basis. Their main enemy at the moment is the notorious English summer...But today after almost a month and a half finally we have some sun and it is hot enough so I can sunbath next to the window. Normally my day is pretty busy, despite the general conception of us cats being lazy, I always find something to do and to be helpful but today I decided to make the most of the weather as sunny and warm days they have become this summer a rarity!

I was planning to give a better picture of my daily life but today I feel a bit lazy so I will do this at another time as now it is getting a bit late and I'm off to have my lunch and to make the most of this wonderful life.