Thursday, 19 September 2013

It's being a while....

No humit I'm not really here!
OK it has being a lot while since I've posted anything here but I have been really busy. You see we've moved and it took me a while to get used to the new home and to retrain my humits again since they've started spending a lot of time outside... Yeap things have definitely changed the past six or seven months... Let's not forget of course that this year we had a hot summer too...yeah didn't like it as the new house got really hot and it was difficult to find a cool spot but at least now I have a lot of shiny surface to do surfing in the evening and plenty of paper to make a nice cosy nest...I love my paper...
Hunits have being busy too and my favourite humit at the moment is working on some kind of assignment...yeah right...she says she is but I know better...she is just wasting time till the last minute that is and then she would start panicking again...oh those silly humits they never learn. Anyway that's all for now and I promise I'll post again soon with more news...about Ripley talking to the flies...Choo Choo meeting Shelob and myself having a rather nasty experience with marmite...yuck! What a horrid humit food that is... worst than eating cardboard!
Bye for now then!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My new, 2013 resolutions, which this time I promise to stick to...despite all the disbelief and mockery from my humits...I'm a determined kitty, this year!

I most definitely need new toys...oh humits time for your 2013 resolutions!
So and since the new year has already just started and which of course it also means that it is once again that time...when the inevitable and dread resolutions begin. For humans is the always the usual stuff, lose weight, spend more time with the family, do more, do less, etc, etc (not to be achieved of course as humits lack determination to anything really!)
But of course it's not just the humans who'd embark on a program of self-improvement in the spirit of the New Year, us, kitties, want also perhaps not so much to improve ourselves (as we are simply purrfect in many ways) but simply to just fine-tune ourselves..
So here they are my New Year's resolutions, for this year that is!

Resolution 1: Too perhaps try and lose a little, tiny, weight perhaps so I can jump on that elusive window sill and to all high above the ground surfaces! But of course humits need to provide some form of incentive though such as new and the right kinds of toys to play with, a new scratching post, cat tree, etc, etc...

Resolution 2: To try and be perhaps a bit friendlier to other humits that sometimes visit my domain! I should try not to always turn my nose up at newcomers right away but instead to give them a chance to perhaps scratch my ears and chin and after of course I have shed some of my fur on their clothes to establish my presence, before exiting the room to find a quiet spot for snoozing.

Resolution 3: To try to be bit more cuddlier for my humits! I will try of course to purr more often and loudly to even be more affectionate to everyone in the family, except of course from the other two, Ripley and Choo, who seem to always try to annoy me by just being around!

Resolution 4: I promise not to be so fussy about my food, as long as my food is always the the right texture, taste and temperature, and given at the right time each day without no delay no matter what! Oh wait a minute I'm not really fussy when it comes to my food, I eat everything...oh well I promise then not to become fussy about my food this year...what about it, humit?

Resolution 5 : No more scratching on the furniture or carpet, I will only use the scratching posts (unless of course humans get new furniture or re-carpet the house in which case...well you know I am a kitty after all). Besides i don't think the carpet on the stairs can take any more scratching...there are already enough marks to show who really owns this place!

Resolution 6. I promise to stop hiding stuff behind the couch, under the furniture where no human hand (or paw for that matter) can reach!. Besides it's getting a little cluttered behind there anyhoo and there isn't enough space to hide anything else anymore!

Resolution 7: I'll let everyone else sleep later in the morning...
I suppose 4 a.m. is a little too early to get everyone up to play and feed me. I think I can hold on until 4.15 a.m. unless of course humits are exposing their feet and hands again from under the bed covers!

Resolution 8: I'll stay off the kitchen counters, laptops and tables when humans are eating....(unless of course they are eating chicken, beef, ham, lamb, turkey, fish, bacon, etc, etc). Of course I know that my humits tend to get upset sometimes, so I'll try to be a bit more understanding and climb up there later when everyone is not around or looking so I can patrol these off limits areas in peace!

Final Resolution: I also promise to give my humits some time to do their 'important' (yeah right!) work and not to disturb them provided that my humits stick to my timetable or don't forget their kitty duties so meals and play sessions are always on time (besides it takes a while for a laptop to warm enough before any well behaved kitty can sit or snooze on it....)

Finally, let's all (kitties and humits) have a great new year!