Friday, 31 July 2009

Travelling pussycats

I don't get it how some humans can act so irresponsible when it comes to looking after their pets...We cats like routines and safe homes and territories. Things we don't like are usually loud and strange noises, other bossy cats and pets or even humans in our homes, visiting the vet, not having our dinner on time, not given enough attention especially when we demand it and travelling on what you humans call motor vehicles...especially when we have to be among strangers. It is very dangerous for a cat to leave his/her home and to find himself/herself in strange places with strange people...anything could happen: having an accident, being taken away by a stranger or even being harmed and of course getting lost. That woman in the BBC story should not have appeared on telly telling us proudly that her cat goes for walkies on the local bus on his own (that cat looked rather stressed than appearing to enjoy himself on that bus)/ If she was genuielly worried about the cat's safety she should have instead tried to stop him going away for two hours on a public bus by either trying to keep him indoors or by simply have told the bus driver not to let the cat on the bus. Simple. Cats should not be travelling on public transport on their own...meeow!

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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Messy humans!

When humans will learn that us pussykitties don't like mess and CHANGES! We like things the way they don't try to change things...I like my boxes under the bed and I like them in the right order they were till now. But no, no humans will have to come and mess up things and mix boxes and not put them back the right way as they were before...Their excuse? They were looking for some type of bottle which has gone missing since moving and must be in some of the boxes that they were never opened and checked because of lack of room and need for them....pheww! Lame excuse meeeoww thinks. And of course the worst thing of all is that they won't let me help them with their search. Life it would have being much easier if they could simply let me go inside the boxes and allow me to search for meeeowself. No, No not allowed inside, they say, because I'll mess things....yeah right! Flash news humans, you have messed up things already. I could only have helped you to put things right for a little tuna treat!
But humans are stubborn and they think they know better...Whatever next? Relocating my litter trays? NOOOO! Out of the question meeeoww kitten thinks!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Us kittens after all...

It is generally believed, by humans mainly, that us cats are mostly lazy and that we usually the only thisns we do is just eat (in some cases quite a lot), sleep, a lot...lick ourselves, a lot and now & then visit the litter tray...yes, well we do but there is a good reason for it. You see it is is in our genes, we were born that way not to use unneccesarry energy if there is no reason to do so and besides what else do you expect from a cat to do? Perhaps to occasionally play with toys and strings and balls and things but we usually only do this to entertain you humans and to also stop you calling us lazy all the time...what else do you think other mammals do? Except from forced to go for occasional walks dogs follow more or less the same routine like us cats do. As for the myth that cats need to go outside to keep themselves stimulated...well it is really a... myth. Cats that go outside for hours upon hours do exactly the same things that indoors cats do...sleep a lot! The only difference is that cats that go outside tend to sleep in some sunny corner (if they can find one) in the neighbour's garden instead from the sofa or bed. But in most cases they would have preferred to stay indoors with their humans than be outside in the cold and wet weather or they go outside so they can stay away from the other cats that live under the same roof. You see it is an urban myth that us cats like being outside, we actually prefer to be inside keeping our humans company with food available to us, twenty four hours along with some nice toys and furry toy mices than being outside and actually having to catch real mice and birds or even frogs to entertain ourselve...we only do it because we have no toys to play with outside...Flies and small insects are another story...more fun and easier to catch inside or outside and very tasty too for small snacks!
Cats that go outside are getting bored too you know...I often see next door's cat playing hide and seek with herself in our garden and doing what you humans call 'mad dashes', running for no reason from one side of the garden to the other chasing herself because she is bored and she has no human or other cat to pester...
So I'm quite happy being indoors all the time as I get attention and food when I want it from humans and I can pester the other two cats when I feel like...So don't listen to what other humans tell you that us cats need to be outside...this kitty here says otherwise!

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Hi there humans!
I'm Sheng Chi the cat and I'm taking over from my human on this blog I help my human to give advice to other humans about their cats' behaviour I thought that I qualified for this blog I mean! Of course I need to get used to this thing that you humans call keyboard and typing...tricky when you have paws and not hands with a lot of fur on them too!
The idea is to give a daily personal account on what us cats are up to every day and thinking so you humans can understand us better. This is not any form of anthropomorphising, simply seeing things our way...
I'll try to blog regularly but for more frequent updates you can catch me on twitter...
At the moment my main issue is the current litter used in our home...paper pellets...apparently they are environmentally frienldy, more absorbent, less smelly and not very messy...this is where I have an issue with.. I liked the previous litter used (wood pellets) because it was rather messy and used to got stuck in my paws and fur and carried all over the house...he, he! Not such fun anymore it seems! Oh well I must found another way to amuse myself...

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Missing cat

Today I'm going to rant about some irresponsible cat carers who think that by getting a cat and by just leaving a bit food once or twice a day while themselves are never at home to look after the cat or to know where their cat is day or night is the right thing to do and themselves are good pet carers...WRONG!!
Cats need the same time and effort when it comes to looking after as dogs and children. Cats are a longlife responsibility and they require time and effort and to also given enough attention and to interact with so they don't get stressed and as result either start disappearing for days or start behaving in what some humans will call inappropriate ways.
Our next door not very well extremely thin female cat has disappeared again, second time this summer and her carers have left notes in all neighouring houses mail boxes telling us how much they worried about her since she has gone missing since Monday morning. If they were that good pet carers they would have known that the cat is only being missing since Monday night as she spent as usual all her day in our garden sleeping in the cardboard box who have left out for here as me and my partner felt so sorry for that little skinny cat who was always in our garden begging for food and attention and wanting to come indoors everytime the window or door was open. Even our own three cats they feel sorry for her and they didn't mind her coming indoors and occasionally stealing some of their food. A cat that spends so much time away from her own home and seems desperate for attention and to be welcomed to another house with already resident cats living there is not in my opinion a well looked after cat. 
I think is about time that pet rescue centres make sure that their pets go to homes where the humans would look after them properly for the rest of their lives and not just checking out if the house has a garden. NOT ALL CATS want to be left outside 24 hours day and night. Some are as happy living indoors with people that they really care for them and seem to prefer it that way...