Sunday, 25 October 2009

My new hiding place well from the others

I was trying posting from my humat's phone but you get a lot of unnecessary blah blah with it...not very good really! Anyway humats were really busy yesterday so I was trying to find a new hiding spot...impossible really when humats are around all the time and they want to know everything you do or you don't do. Humats are so curious really, worse than pussukitties I thinkz. Anyway my favourite humat still works on her survey so I anybody out there who might have humats and are interested in taking part then here are the details and info:

Now I must go and find another hiding place

Friday, 16 October 2009

My humat's survey

See not that big...I can fit perfectly on little table!

My humat is currently very busy with her survey on the relationships that us kitties (and yak dogs..) have today with our humats and she spends a lot of time on the phone or on her laptop working. I'm trying to be a considered and understanding kitty and give her space and not bother her too much (but I do need to stick to my feeding schedule) and also by helping...talking when she is on the phone to humats to let them know my opinion on the matter (although my humat doesn't seem to be pleased when I interfere...but you see I'm a kitty with strong opinions who likes to be heard...) but I will be happy when she finally finishes. She needs apparently a lot more humats to take part (they must live in UK so if your humat lives in UK ask him/her to take part, the details are on the side...It will help my humat, meowself and all the kitties and pesky dogs as well as the research will try to understand what type of relationships we pets have with our humats and why...) so she will spend a lots more time on the phone which means that I will be getting  a lot less attention for a while than normal...which has started I must admit to bother me a bit...I love attention and petting and playing with my humat all the time so I'm not that happy right now but as I said I have being very patient and understanding...Let's hope that more humats take part so she can finish I need to have a little break and search for some available treats around...purrs! 

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Cat hazards in the house

Choo Choo is officially classified by my humat as a hazard in the house!

He finds the most inappropriate places to sit & sleep!

Which can be dangerous for cats & humats in the house!


Monday, 5 October 2009

Cats around the house!

Of all the places!

Why, oh why any cat with some form of intelligence will decide to sit in a place like this? I purrsonally wouldn't have chosen to sit there even if it was full with tuna treats...well probably not! Why make your  humat's life so much easier?