Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sunday's confessions

Catnipped on Sunday

Well it's been already a week since my last post and I thought I'd made the effort again (don't want to be accused of being lazy you know...).
As I was saying in my previous post there has been a while since l've written anything on this blog and that was as I've explained before for many reasons (being a lazy fat cat is not one of them silly Ozzy, who at the moment is pretending he is asleep and not watching...yes you are not fooling anyone I can see those beady eyes starring at me....)
So and as I was saying many things had happened during my 'absence'  nothing too drastic though other than the move...There are still four of us, the two hoomins and of course some new fish apparently...really can't be asked to check myself...too high up for my like as these days I don't do anything too strenuous and high other than jumping on my sofa...too much effort, especially and since homin decided to keep my food and biscuits in the corridor and not to to have them in my room like it was on the other place...something about making too much mess! Anyway at least I've got new catnip rug as you can see from the photo...which is very soft and purrfect and which rug I don't like sharing with the others and especially with the pestsquito Ozzy...

Pestsquito Ozzy snoozing....not cute
Yes 'pestsquito' is his current nickname as he tends to make some strange brrr noises instead of normal meowing and hoomins think that he sounds like a mosquito and because sometimes he can be a pest (even hoomins admit it that sometimes he is a bit too playful) he's got the new nickname pestsquito...ha ha he deserves it...Like right now he is on the catnip rug again...go away shooooo pestquito, it's my rug not yours because it's in my room and I don't want to share....what a pest he is...always appearing when you don't really want him, grrr...

Anyway I've spent too much time on Ozzy again and now it's almost dinner time so I'd stop for now and catch up again hopefully next Sunday...go away Ozzy it's not your's mine, all mine....pfft!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

It's been a while

Me in deep dinner is too far away
Yes I know it has been a while while since I've posted anything here but you know how life is for us pussycats...we are always soo many things to do, you know sleeping and eating takes a lot out of you and then they are the other three cats that occasionally bother me, especially the pestquito Ozzy (as my hoomins call him these days, ha ha...quite fitting I'd say) and of course they are the hoomins as well who they need constantly looking after...So there are so many hours in a day for a pussycat to take care of I tend to neglect some things like writing and updating my blog...I'm only a pussycat after all.
So many things have happened since the last time I've posted so it is really difficult to mention everything in one go you know. First of all we have moved to a better close by location to a bigger place with a nice view of the canal and thankfully no more steps any more. So now I get my chance to move about a bit and not just to stay upstairs only...I've used to hate those stairs so hard to come upstairs again..too many high steps...Why on earth hoomins like places with stairs...don't understand  them...well they are hoomins after all I guess with no common sense.
Unfortunately the other thing that has not changed though is Ozzy...he is still around...grr and he still annoys me....grrr again!
Pfft...he tries so hard to look cute for hoomins...pathetic!
Yes he is still around and he is acting like he owns the place, he annoys me, he bothers poor Faith and he tries really hard to bother Choo Choo (but of course Choo Choo doesn't get bothered by anything or anyone) and of course he gets what he wants from the hoomins as he always plays the cute and innocent with them and of course they're always falling for his old annoying at times but again what else is to expect from a not so intelligent species like hoomins...pfft!
The only ones that he doesn't bother at the moment are the fish and that is of course because they are in tank full of water. I dare him to bother them...ha, ha, splash, a wet and not so cute Ozzy.

Anyway I've written quite a lot for now and my poor paws are tired from typing and besides is dinner time and hoomins would be bringing me my dinner any minute now...hmmm I think they are a bit late actually...pfft hoomins what are they doing on Sunday evening and not having my dinner ready?...sometimes I do despair but again what can you can't get good hoomins these day, you'll have to do with what you have...
Purrs and Meows for now then!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

TV documentaries and my thoughts (Ozzy doesn’t do a lot of thinking really…)

Well despite all my efforts and good intentions, I did actually what I’ve promised myself I won’t do when I took over Sheng Chi’s blog….I didn’t blog often as I was meant to do. You see now I understand how easy is to get distracted when you are such a busy kitty like myself. You have good intentions and well thought plans but they never come into effect because life sometimes has other plans….
Now I understand all the work Sheng Chi had to do and how difficult it can be to keep on top of everything….too much to do so little time…and they dare to call us lazy as species go…cats are not lazy even when they do seem to be doing nothing at all as they are still working, planning, thinking how to do things and how to keep other kitties in the house along with their always making a mess hoomins in control…It can be really exhausting trying to keep up with everything, a cat’s work is never done completely, they are always things she needs to do to keep a happy and well maintained home….

After a hard day's work a kitty is entitled to a little relaxation....a catnip bath!

Ozzy of course prefers a more...traditional method of relaxation...snoozing!

So when you see on TV programmes hoomins made about us, kitties, and our lives and behaviours, well, sometimes you have to try very hard not to get annoyed. Supposedly we are great and ferocious hunters, behave like lions when at home and we can’t live with other cats at home we can’t stand each other, we are manipulating because we talk to our humans by meowing (the only way possible really) when we want something from them (how else you are suppose to communicate then with vocal creatures like hoomins?)…well what a lot of…what is that expression you hoomins are often using….it begins with b…I think…excuse me but I’m not very good with hoomin swearing like Sheng Chi was….

My point is that what you see in these programs is sometimes half the truth…not all cats are the same or behave in the same way….
They often seem to forget to mention that many kitties these days live a safe and enjoyable life being permanently indoors and some have never even put a paw outside (myself included) so they have never chased, catch or kill and god forbid, kill or even eat a bird or a mouse….I like birdies and I’d never even dream of trying to catch and kill them…they haven’t done anything to me, they are cute little creatures who I enjoy watching flying and eating from the birdfeeders outside in the garden….as for eating them ….why on earth any kitty would eat a bird who has feathers or a furry small rodent when she can have delicious meals at home served on regular intervals by her hoomins? Really now let’s be realistic, cats are not that stupid they are a lot more clever than some hoomins think anyway…
Besides a lot of cats are not very good at hunting anyway…at the moment I’m looking at that big spider on the wall (it looks huge actually) and I’m hoping that hoomin would catch it and let it loose outside as it is quite big and a bit scary too…So not all cats are not very good with hunting, they simply don’t know how while also some they are even afraid of small furry running very fast creatures….I remember very well one of my best companions a few years back, poor Flouffy, who used to get petrified of anything small and furry like the hamster the hoomins used to also have at that time. If the little thing was out of his cage (which needed regular cleaning if I remember correctly, it was such a long time ago you see…) Flouffy would go into hiding under the bed till the hamster was back on his cage again….Yeah poor Flouffy was never any good at hunting anything other than his little blue ball which he used to love…
Even the great and menacing Sheng Chi wasn’t such an expert at catching anything really even spiders which she used to accidentally kill sometimes by simply stepping on them and flatten them (by the way and to update you tall hoomin finally caught that huge scary spider and let it loose outside to terrorise in the garden…so glad that I don’t go outside in that scary garden….). At least in my younger days I could catch the occasional moth and even eat although I must admit they didn’t taste that good…..prefer tuna or salmon instead and very small chicken pieces well cooked….not raw.
Of course and let’s not forget that some cats are even friends with what they suppose to catch and eat like birds and smaller animals….there are so many videos on the internet now with many cats and their small friends….

No, those programs on TV must be banned or at least to stop showing us being so mean and vicious and trying to convince hoomins that all of us, kittens, are terrible killing machines or that we are still wild and behave like our ancestors….Not true, us cats have evolved and now we are equal family members who enjoy having an easy life and be pampered and loved by hoomins….who really wants to go outside where it is cold, noisy, smelly and rather dangerous for small creatures like ourselves, definitely not me and my other three companions….

Till later (Ozzy also agrees with me while he is currently eating my food….go away pest and eat your own food…..). 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Hi there. My name is Ripley and along with Ozzy (who currently is growling behind me....he is hungry again I guess) we are taking over from now on the ownership of this blog.
I am Ripley, the clever one

This is Ozzy the one that hoomins  often call trouble and who is not that clever really, he likes eating and playing a lot...
Sheng Chi unfortunately passed away a few months back,very unexpectedly and her loss caused a lot of sadness to both my hoomins and myself of course along with Choo Choo too. Since we've lost Sheng Chi hoomins have brought home (or as they said it they've 'adopted') two other rescue cats. 
Faith, a 12 year black and white female who has no many teeth left (just four really, poor thing) and a bit of arthritis on her front left leg which makes her limp most of the times and impossible for her to jump on high places. Faith came from a local shelter and she is a very affectionate and loveable cat who causes no trouble and who i also like very much.
Faith snoozing in her new bed...she is quite cute really...

My hoomins also adopted Ozzy (big mistake really) from the local cats protection branch, who is a 7 year old black and white male and who most of the time acts like a 1 year old kitten, instead. He is far too playful and a big pain in my fury....who thinks that anything and anybody is there for him to play with....Yes it is quite obvious I guess that I don't like him that much really but now he is a member of our family so slowly, very slowly I'm getting used to him being around (believe me it is very hard to do though ...). 
Unfortunately and although Ozzy is not that clever really nevertheless he has managed to win over the hoomins and Choo Choo (not Faith who she doesn't really trust him as he runs a lot and tends occasionally to knock her over....he can be very excitable and he also tends to buzz a lot like a mosquito....this is why the hoomins call him mosquito, I guess). He sometimes behaves also like a puppy, following the hoomins all the time, being affectionate and cute with his big eyes and rather cute face (grr...) so you tend to hear quite often from the hoomins a lot of 'ooohs' and 'aaaahs', and 'how cute is he'....grrr and more grrr...such a manipulative little monster he is....
Anyway this is how things are now that Sheng Chi is not around any more and from now on and since I'm the oldest and the wiser of course I'd tell you on a regular basis, hopefully, some of the things that are happening in my house and which you might find interesting and entertaining perhaps. Oh yes Ozzy (ha, ha right if this is ever going to happen....) would perhaps take over and tell some of our stories also as it was agreed (the oldest and the youngest in our family) but very much doubt as he doesn't have the patience really to sit down and type anything...
Till next time then! Time for dinner now which hopefully will stop Ozzy for a little while from running like a maniac downstairs....poor hoomin can't get a moment of peace and quiet, he, he!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Finally the mystery has being solved (at least hoomin thinks so!)

    It’s being a while since I’ve posted anything and now we are already in 2014! But you know how things are sometimes… a kitty like me can get really busy especially when she has hoomins and other kitties to manage! Yeap I’m a very busy kitty and sometimes don’t have the time for all the things I want to do as you understand of course that snoozing and eating always takes priority in a kitty’s daily life!
 But since today I seem to have a bit more extra time I’ve decided therefore to post something and since my hoomin seems to be also so annoyingly pleased with herself. You see she believes that she has finally solved this big mystery, which in my opinion it has never being a mystery anyway.
So for the past couple of days she keeps telling over and over and over again that she finally knows the answer to the big question of what cats are doing when hoomins are not at home (they are at that place which they call ‘work’)! Apparently the other day when she came home after being at work for most of the day (around 9 hours really too long for a pussycat to be without her hoomins and the services they provide, mainly regular food) she found Choo Choo (who is really lazy and sleeps a lot even for an old lazy cat) sleeping on the exact and very same spot she had left him in the morning… big deal!
When my hoomin came back and went into the bedroom Choo he simply looked at her, still very sleepy and not too much bothered, and he went back to sleep again to finally wake up a little later to hassle her to feed him, acting of course like he hadn't be fed for days (to make things clear here I don’t bother hoomin so she can feed me as we have a clear understanding of when she needs to feed me and how much…so she doesn’t need to be reminded)! 

Afterwards she told to the other hoomin: ‘Not that I had any doubt of course that my cats spend most of their time when I am not at home sleeping but at least now I have proof too,  I have seen it with my own eyes!’

Really hoomin and all the other hoomins out there you didn’t know that when you are not around to give us attention and food we’ll sleep till you finally come home again and save our energy for when you are at home?

Well if this is the case then you should stop once and for all consider yourselves to be an intelligent species because everybody else including the birdies outside already knew this facto of life!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

It's being a while....

No humit I'm not really here!
OK it has being a lot while since I've posted anything here but I have been really busy. You see we've moved and it took me a while to get used to the new home and to retrain my humits again since they've started spending a lot of time outside... Yeap things have definitely changed the past six or seven months... Let's not forget of course that this year we had a hot summer too...yeah didn't like it as the new house got really hot and it was difficult to find a cool spot but at least now I have a lot of shiny surface to do surfing in the evening and plenty of paper to make a nice cosy nest...I love my paper...
Hunits have being busy too and my favourite humit at the moment is working on some kind of assignment...yeah right...she says she is but I know better...she is just wasting time till the last minute that is and then she would start panicking again...oh those silly humits they never learn. Anyway that's all for now and I promise I'll post again soon with more news...about Ripley talking to the flies...Choo Choo meeting Shelob and myself having a rather nasty experience with marmite...yuck! What a horrid humit food that is... worst than eating cardboard!
Bye for now then!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My new, 2013 resolutions, which this time I promise to stick to...despite all the disbelief and mockery from my humits...I'm a determined kitty, this year!

I most definitely need new toys...oh humits time for your 2013 resolutions!
So and since the new year has already just started and which of course it also means that it is once again that time...when the inevitable and dread resolutions begin. For humans is the always the usual stuff, lose weight, spend more time with the family, do more, do less, etc, etc (not to be achieved of course as humits lack determination to anything really!)
But of course it's not just the humans who'd embark on a program of self-improvement in the spirit of the New Year, us, kitties, want also perhaps not so much to improve ourselves (as we are simply purrfect in many ways) but simply to just fine-tune ourselves..
So here they are my New Year's resolutions, for this year that is!

Resolution 1: Too perhaps try and lose a little, tiny, weight perhaps so I can jump on that elusive window sill and to all high above the ground surfaces! But of course humits need to provide some form of incentive though such as new and the right kinds of toys to play with, a new scratching post, cat tree, etc, etc...

Resolution 2: To try and be perhaps a bit friendlier to other humits that sometimes visit my domain! I should try not to always turn my nose up at newcomers right away but instead to give them a chance to perhaps scratch my ears and chin and after of course I have shed some of my fur on their clothes to establish my presence, before exiting the room to find a quiet spot for snoozing.

Resolution 3: To try to be bit more cuddlier for my humits! I will try of course to purr more often and loudly to even be more affectionate to everyone in the family, except of course from the other two, Ripley and Choo, who seem to always try to annoy me by just being around!

Resolution 4: I promise not to be so fussy about my food, as long as my food is always the the right texture, taste and temperature, and given at the right time each day without no delay no matter what! Oh wait a minute I'm not really fussy when it comes to my food, I eat everything...oh well I promise then not to become fussy about my food this year...what about it, humit?

Resolution 5 : No more scratching on the furniture or carpet, I will only use the scratching posts (unless of course humans get new furniture or re-carpet the house in which case...well you know I am a kitty after all). Besides i don't think the carpet on the stairs can take any more scratching...there are already enough marks to show who really owns this place!

Resolution 6. I promise to stop hiding stuff behind the couch, under the furniture where no human hand (or paw for that matter) can reach!. Besides it's getting a little cluttered behind there anyhoo and there isn't enough space to hide anything else anymore!

Resolution 7: I'll let everyone else sleep later in the morning...
I suppose 4 a.m. is a little too early to get everyone up to play and feed me. I think I can hold on until 4.15 a.m. unless of course humits are exposing their feet and hands again from under the bed covers!

Resolution 8: I'll stay off the kitchen counters, laptops and tables when humans are eating....(unless of course they are eating chicken, beef, ham, lamb, turkey, fish, bacon, etc, etc). Of course I know that my humits tend to get upset sometimes, so I'll try to be a bit more understanding and climb up there later when everyone is not around or looking so I can patrol these off limits areas in peace!

Final Resolution: I also promise to give my humits some time to do their 'important' (yeah right!) work and not to disturb them provided that my humits stick to my timetable or don't forget their kitty duties so meals and play sessions are always on time (besides it takes a while for a laptop to warm enough before any well behaved kitty can sit or snooze on it....)

Finally, let's all (kitties and humits) have a great new year!