Friday, 4 September 2009

Kitties & Humats sleeping patterns

Humat & Me sharing sleeping arrangements!

Humat research says that us kitties sleep a lot and that we actually spend a third of our lives grooming and sleeping (which is not new or strange anyway...). Sleeping and of course grooming (you need to be in top form, as clean and shining fur takes you a long way and makes you perfect for cuddling, petting, sitting on you laps and beds, etc and of course relaxes you and helps you go to sleep) are important in our lives as it is in your lives too, humats. So this strange idea that we kitties sleep a lot...well I think it needs a lot or rethinking and a lot time should do a lot of self contemplation and reflection...You see, we sleep because we need to, we sleep to stay in top form for when you are around so we can keep you entertained and exercised...Besides you humats sleep a lot as well like us when you get the tend to sleep at least 8 hours every night (and sometimes you will sleep a lot longer when you think you are tired or you are on holiday or it is the weekend, etc, ...) and even at times you would have naps during the day when you get the chance after you have had your dinner/lunch because it is either too hot or feel tired or not, etc. Which means that you humats often sleep more or less half of your day away which is more than we kitties actually for grooming...well how much time do you spend on a daily basis in the bathroom washing, bathing, cleaning? I think it counts to a total of a lot...again perhaps more than we kitties actually spend on self grooming and in your case you also tend to not only groom yourselves but to also wanting to groom us too like we really need to...We are capable and we have always being to so we don't really need your help...this habit of yours to want to clean us and everybody else in your home too is an illness an OCD which you seemed were born time to get some professional help I thinkz.
So you see humats you are not that much different from us anyway when it comes to sleeping and grooming habits so just try to follow our lead and be happy that you are so like us, kitties after all rule the world!

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