Monday, 24 August 2009

Humats and weekends

When humats are away a kitty must entertain purrself

I really don't like weekends....for some cat obvious reasons. First of all I don't really know what all the fuss is about 'weekends' in the first place...they are only two days with the same hour length and weather as all the other days of what humats call weeks...Secondly why everything during the weekend is delayed and not happening and humats are acting like they are another species on these days? Most importantly why on meows and purrs I'm getting my breakfast later than normal on these days and what is all this big fuss about sleeping a bit longer over the weekend than any other kitties we sleep and snooze when we feel sleepy and we don't need any weekends to have a 'bit of extra sleep'...not when it interferes with my meals schedule anyway...Then why all this sudden urge to go out all day and entertain yourselves and living us kitties all alone on hours upon hours...don't you know humats that this bizarre behaviour disrupts our own firmed established schedule? Us kitties need to be fed at certain hours, play and entertained at others and given attention all day and in some cases most of the nights long...Don't you understand the principle here humats that us kitties are here for all the duration of your lives and since we are not going anywhere you are not supposed to go either...well not without asking permission first, to let us know where you are planning to go, for how long and whether this outdoors activity will affect our own established for going on holiday...well this is an entire other matter which I will discuss some other time...meowws for now!

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Keiko and Luna T. Katt said...

hello and purrs to you! Fangs for stopping bys. You have a pawsome tee-vee watching spot there. We likes that cartoon too =^_^= enjoy!