Monday, 10 August 2009

Monday's ranting

Monday is a very depressing day...I guess it doesn't help when it isn't mid August yet and the weather is yuk! Yesterday nice warm rainy and cold. Sometimes I wish I was a mediterranean pussykitty (although my humat1 says that pussykitties there are very very skinny!)
Nevertheless I feel rather depressed today and not so good...I guess it is true that they say about us cats, we do reflect our humats emotions, when they are feeling depressed we are feeling it too. I guess I need to find a nice quiet place where I can stretch my paws and have a little snooze but first I need to have a little snack. A little food always cheer me up, a nice bit of tuna perhaps or some chicken or even a bit of ham...I know there is a spare slice somewhere in the fridge...not enough for a humat sandwich, enough for a little poor hungry depressed kitty...meeoww!
Anyway back to be depressed because my humats at least they can go out and cheer themselves up a bit I have to depend on them and to pestering the other two in the house to get some fun...and the other two are not much of a fun as they prefer to sleep instead than being awake for me to pester...oh well, soon Monday would be over and we will all feel a bit better. But really humats don't be depressed you make me feel sad too and this puts me off my food...if anything can put me off my dinner...Come on where is that ham slice then...purrr!

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Reese =^..^= said...

I'm sorry your weather is so unpredictable. It makes it hard to enjoy the summer.