Friday, 17 September 2010

Sometimes I get excited so what?

Having a bit of fun isn't a crime you know!

Well sometimes humits really worry me...I mean the way they react in situations. You think you know them and then all of the sudden they become unpredictable...humits can be such a headache at times, it's sooo true! They can also be so contradicting at times..they will tell you to do something and then the next day they will tell you off because you are doing the exact same thing they told you to do the previous day. No wonder, why they need and have so many doctors for their brains...they are not working properly all the time...this is why...kinda scary though if you think that they are actually looking after's also explains why they are so many other humits that help humits who look after us to understand us...their soooo unreliable brain is incapable of comprehending the complexity of our actions and thoughts....poor humits!
Anyway back to my I was saying for months my humits were keep pestering me to do some exercise because they see my big and thick fur as extra weight and they think that I'm overweight....(see what I mean? Their brain is not working properly...good example is my case of invisible fat...(really now...what can a big boned with lotz of fur kitty can do to convince her humits that she is not fat?). Nevertheless to keep them happy I've decided to do a little bit of exercise on my own...especially since I found a new and interesting toy in the house...what they call bubble was so much fun...running around with it ...diving in and making all this lovely crunching noisiez and spreading it all over the house...seriously I had so much fun the other was the best toy and game ever...OK maybe I overdone it a bit with the chasing and running and got a bit out of breath but that was not reason for humits to take away my toy and hide it...I was having fun and was doing a lot of exercise as they want me to....and also I refuse and dispute all these accusations of making a mess and causing a hazard on the staircase with all the bubble wrapping trailing from the steps...that's nonsense! Also it was nonsense that I've got overexcited and humit had to use calming drops or something so my breathing would slow down....maybe I was a bit excited but that was because I was perhaps a bit weak due to the smaller portions that they are giving me to lose all that non-existent fat...really now...those humits so strange at times...oh well I guess I should know by now all these mood swings that they are keep having and therefore I should be more tolerant with their behaviour...shouldn't complain I guess they are not always know what they are doing and they are trying to please me most of the the way that new box they gave me is unacceptable...not the right size..too small and the crunchy paper not that crunchy...really you need to try harder now humits!!