Monday, 17 August 2009

For some humat cat carers!

Tired kitty at work!

I really have a problem with some humats who look after us, kitties, without actually thinking that us, kitties, might really think, like and hate about certain situations. Most of us kitties, humats, you should know by now, that we are what you call rather timid. It is a natural behaviour which us, small predators, need to keep us safe from bigger predators. We need to hide and flight from things and sounds unknown and to be weary from strangers, especially big humats who don't smell familiar. So when you have a lot of your own species around, for what you call entertainment, you should at the same time have a room in your big territory where us, kitties, can go and stay and left in peace till your territory and ours is quiet again and all these strange non-furhumats have finally evacuated it. You know humats, us kitties, like you at time we simply want to be left alone and not disturbed by others, four or two legged species. So we need our space or room where we can go to relax and ponder and think about the world around us. 
Also you should know better by now and not not to leave us outside when there are a lot of people, celebrating and making a lot of noise with what you call 'fireworks' as they are really very loud for our own sense of hearing and scary too...and on that subject what is the point of fireworks humats anyway? They are too noisy and they scare and disrupt other animals too...can you just have quietly fun? Consider all the other animals that share your environment...they don't need to suffer for you to have a bit of fun, do they now? Meoowww! 

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