Monday, 19 September 2011

What a kitty like me does on a daily basis!

Here I'm tidying up humit's mess!

I recently saw a video online where it kinda showed how a kitty apparently spends her day at home. Lies all lies! It's all kitty in this world is so active all day! Everybody knows (even stupid humits that is) that us kitties don't like doing much all day long! Even those kitties that go outside still don't do much...they just pretend that they are keeping themselves busy all day when at home...they'll just find another snoozing place in some nice warm spot in somebody's garden or even in somebody's home...then when it's dinner time they'll go home to eat and then to carry on with their snoozing!
So humits don't fall for all these nonsense that kitties at home need exercise and a stimulating's all rubbish!
What a kitty wants at home is plenty of food and I mean plenty of food...lots of warm and cosy snoozing spots and from her humits to give her some attention when you are asked to do so (not when you want, no never when you are in the good to us then...when the kitty is in the right mood, then yes you can give your full attention to her not before or after!) and some toys for throwing and hiding away for you to go and fetch and find (so we can keep you as well entertained so you don't get bored and stressed apparently you need some exercise when at home to keep fit...) as well as some boxes for trying to squeeze in (necessarily exercise for all kitties), scratching posts and climbing trees (we need to be up so we can keep an eye on our domain you we need to keep you humits under control of course at all times so you don't misbehave!). And let's not forget fresh catnip, nice crunchie biscuits and fresh water...oh yes and the toileting area needs to be kept in good condition at all times of course. See? We don't need much and we don't tend to do much either as too much moving around is not that good for you (this doesn't apply to you humits though or to doggies all need lots of exercise and moving around..) So kitties are really easy to please if you take into consideration how much work it requires from us to keep a humit home in order at all times!
Here some pics of me at work during a normal day...always busy see?
Here I wait in the morning patiently for humits to come downstairs...breakfast is late once again !
I'm having a little rest after a very busy morning!
I'm checking that everything is in order...humits can't be trusted really
I'm having a little snooze rest after a very busy day!

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