Friday, 18 November 2011's getting cold again and I have to cope once again with grumpy humits!

Trying to hide from humits and their moaning...grrr!

Yeap I's being a while since I've blogged anything...Hey, busy kitty here...I have other kitties and humits to look after and even to assist humit with her work...she can't advise other humits without my help and expertise you do you think she can actually advise other humits without my own vast knowledge and experience? Hmm, not appreciated or paid enough I thinkz by that humit...I might go on strike soon demanding better payment...let me think now what it would be a better payment? Tuna or salmon treats? Difficult decision here....
Anyway while I'm thinking about my paying reward for working sooo hard I might as well mention how humits (both of them) this time of year are driving me totally insane (any time of the year really if you kinda think about it...) they are soooo grumpy, it's unbelievable! Why humits (and I think it's an anthropocentric trait...not found in any other species...) are so grumpy all the time? They are never's always something that bothers them...if it's not something that us kitties did (never on purpose of course...always by accident) like after we've being to the litter tray and not cover properly or something (you try and cover your smelly doo-doo or something got it a lot just flash! Besides I've always tell them after I've being so they can clean properly if they want...MEOOOW!) or accused for making a mess while eating...(let's see you eat humits without using a fork and knife and then let's talk about your mess...) or when playing (what's the point of playing without making a little mess or fun otherwise), etc. Never happy those humits with everything we do really....but of course it's not just us that they constantly moan and complain about...It's the work they do...they always hate it, no matter what they do, where or's the food they eat...they always complain about they type of food, the cost, the way it's cooked, etc and of course let's not forget the big issue of the weather...It's always too cold or too hot, never right for the summer they will complain about the very rare occasions in this country of being really hot (oh I can't bear it...I can't breathe it's too hot...they don't see me complaining carrying all that fur in a hot weather...I just find a cold place and stretch my self to cool down quietly!) or in the winter is the cold...oh it's too hands and feet are cold, brrr...put some more clothes on instead or turn the heating on...But again when they do put the heating on they'll still complain that it's too hot or that having heating is too expensive...moan, moan....Grr humits! Where are my earplugs?

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