Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Summer and the silly next door kitties!

This is how I like relaxing these days!!   

It's being a while since I've written anything on this blog but being a busy kitty, well, sometimes it does take its toll on some of my responsibilities...sometimes I simply can't keep up with everything and humit is not of much of a help either...she is always busy you see or at least that's what she keeps saying all the time. You know I think it's a humit thing cause the other humit says it too...far too often.
So now that it's summer (yeah right) I should be take it a bit more easy...lots of snoozing and relaxing...this is what summer is all about...but then again we never have a proper summer just the occasional nice day or two...English summer...pssst!!
Anyway as I was saying this is the purrfect time to do less and snooze more in cool spots in the house ( I don't purrsonally do sunny spots...I'm not that silly as the other two who seem to compete for all the available sunny spots in the house...really silly who wants to get want to feel cooler silly kitties!) and to watch the many birdies in the garden! But of course this is not always the case as the next door kitties have other ideas...aka chasing and trying to catch the cute birdies or bringing their real sometimes alive toy mice in the garden to play with...and the worse thing is that they leave behind the dead bodies of their toy mice and then our garden looks like a graveyard with corpses of dead mice scattered around...not nice! Humits need to do something about those pesky kitties..they should stay on their own home patch and they should take their mice with them..Not that I care too much for mice that is (or big moths for that matter too as I nearly caught that big one last night before humit caught it first and let it go outside...shame...I like chewing mothies, they taste..interesting...not as good as tuna snacks nevertheless still interesting!).
Anyway back to those pesky next door kitties as they can be a nuisance at times, catching mousies and scarring cute birdies and spoiling my daily views of the garden outside...grr. Humit why these kitties are out and about? Shouldn't they be at home playing with proper toy mousie and not real ones? Why their humits let them outside then? Silly kitties and their humits I say! Oh here we go again, big fat fluffy kitty from next door is chasing butterflies in the garden now...oh dear when he is going home?

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