Wednesday, 16 March 2011

All is not lost!

Well humits done it once again...sometimes I do despair as they seem to have not a clue of what us kitties really really like despite all my efforts and training all these years I've being with them...
A good example is my current favourite spot which I like to use for snoozing you can clear see here (or not..)

My nice hiding spot...purrfect for snoozing and surprising!   
So I was enjoying my hiding place... the purrfect spot to surprise the ginger pest when he is approaching without much of a care (he, he) and then this happened...
All I'm soooo exposed to the world and the ginger pest!
Disaster...humits being inconsiderable once again decided that it would be a good idea to dismantle my hiding place so they can put fresh laundry (which was not to my standards) to dry...Hello humits...not the right laundry...doesn't offer the right cover as the one before...can't hide here...I'm very exposed can't you see?
A lot better now...back to how it was before...almost!  

Finally! They took into consideration my needs...the right laundry I can go back to snoozing as normal and to waiting for the ginger pest to pass by any time soon...hee, hee...zzz for now! 

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