Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Humit is annoyed again with other humits...who want to get rid of their kitty!

What? I'm keeping myself busy...making the most of  items I found on the floor!

Sometimes I totally sympathise with my humit as I totally understand her and for a humit at times she's spot on. You see she recently came across a case of a kitty soiling in his humits' house because he was really stressed. As humit said that poor kitty lives in a very stressful environment, he is very timid and nervous and he's being bullied by other kitties outside and by his humits indoors who don't seem to like him because he doesn't behave according to them like a kitty should (oh a kitty behaves? Can you explain it to me please? I thought that all kitties are different in many ways from each other and they behave differently in different situations...isn't the same thingi with humits too?). Because that kitty is very stressed and more likely senses that his humits don't really like him he is spraying and urinating around their house as he tries to comfort himself by surrounding himself with familiar smells, his own of course. And what his humits do to help him with his little problem? Well instead of trying to provide him with a calm and relaxed environment to help him overcome his stress they're trying to get rid of him by passing on 'a trial' period to different other people like they're passing a ball or something...not that they're making things worse here, no of course not! Silly humits don't they know that us kitties don't like changes and new people or other pets? If anything, moving from one house to another would make that kitty wanting to carry on spraying because he's feeling a lot more stressed. Worse thing is that that these humits are blaming the kitty for making them stressed and a friend who she is supposedly a kitty doctor (they call themselves vets or something) told them that their best option might be to have that kitty option for whom again? Definitely not for the kitties are not humans and they don't think like humits or understand their humane if you kinda think of it humits don't think like kitties either...they think always like humits and they believe that kitties do things on purpose to annoy silly these humits are...I do feel sorry for that poor kitty and I do hope that these silly humits do get some good advice from some reasonable other humit and find a better home for that poor kitty...somewhere where he'll feel safe and relaxed and hopefully where he'll be really cared and loved too...

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