Monday, 11 April 2011

Just being busy as always...

I'm staying hidden to think about my revenge on the intruder...grrr!

Yes I know it has being a while since my last blog update...but what can I say? I'm a busy kitty after all and other things get often in my way of doing protecting my forts and tents...You see now I have two new tents where I spend a lot of my time doing a lot of serious I can solve all the household issues and help humits with their studies, work, etc...In reality I'm not a very fussy kitty...I just like my things to remain the same and not to be contaminated or spoiled by others...aka the ginger pest who sometimes thinks he is the boss around here...WRONG! VERY WRONG!! Everybody knows that I'm the one in charge in this house and humits and other kitties obey when the ginger pest wants to take over my snoozing, thinking spot then trouble is definitely in the air...He can't snooze wherever he likes you this house there are rules...everybody obeys my rules or there is...trouble. Even humits know to obey my rules...they do what they've being told to do...So my things are mine and my tent is all mine too and out of bounds for everybody else...nobody else is allowed to snooze there...especially the ginger pest...he can't just sneak there when I'm occupied elsewhere. e.g being in the kitchen with the humits and checking the fridge's contents and then just steal my spot and afterwards refuse to move like he is his tent...So of course now I'm very upset and somebody else is going to feel my wrath very soon...till dinner time that is...Humits of course do try to be understanding so they've just built me another tent...a better one with the best view in the room and in the best spot but still the fact remains...he is a thief and needs to be punished for his crimes...also he never allows me to share his food too...the nerve of that kitty. So I need to come with a good plan to take my revenge on him...something slow and painful ideally...without humits realising of course...OK back to my tend then to think a genius plan to pay back the ginger pest!

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