Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Ten tell tell signs that your cat is more human than you!

1. Your cat seems to spend more time and take more space on your bed than you do!

 2. Your cat always eats better than you (her food looks and tastes better and it is more expensive than anything that you can afford to buy for yourself).  

 3. Your cat is more intelligent and talented than you!

4. Your cats seems to spend more time watching TV these days than you do (and she is not watching only nature programmes when you aren't around it seems!!)

5. Your cat seems to know how to operate all of your gadgets even better than you do (and she appears to be very skillful with your laptop...)!

6. Your cat can have a conversation and win all the arguments with you!

Your cats gets more and better presents at Christmas and birthdays than you do..

8. Your cat always tells you when it is dinner time (especially when you're late feeding her) and when to change her litter-tray.

9.  Your cat has more expensive furniture (and toys) than you do in the house...

10. ....and finally she has managed after all these years to train you well to obey all her ...demands and to let you believe that you are still the one in charge around the house (silly humans!).

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