Thursday, 1 November 2012

Kitties and fireworks night (in UK)

A safe place for fireworks night!
I really don't know what is wrong with humits sometimes...Are they really stupid or what? I mean what is with humits and fireworks? What is the purpose of fireworks really...Can some humit explain it to me? It is unnecessary noise if you ask me or any other kitty.

Kitties (and other animals and birdies that is) can really stressed during firework season so you, silly humits, need to make sure your kitty always has somewhere to hide if he or she wants to and that he/she has always access to this place at all times. For example this could be under the bed, behind the sofa or in a cupboard or wardrobe.

Ideally during fireworks sensible humits should try and keep their kitties indoors and away from rooms with exit doors and windows.

At night humits should keep windows shut and close the curtains or blinds and put on some music or turn the TV on (put something nice on like Tom & Jerry or Sylvester and Tweety perhaps) so to muffle the sound of fireworks.

If possible try to ignore any signs of fear that your kitty might be showing and try to distract her/him by perhaps engaging the kitty in some form of interactive play (I usually play with my favourite toy mouse, Ripley and Choo just snooze it off, really). At the same time humits should try not to react to any firework noise themselves, just pretend humits that you can't hear or see anything. In some occasions the kitty might instead prefer to be left alone or to go into hiding instead. It is important humits that you don't force the kitty to do anything she/he doesn't want to do!

Make sure that your kitty is always kept in a safe and secure environment and can’t escape if there’s a sudden noise.

Finally you should never force or try to tempt your kitty to go outside out as this will cause your kitty to become more stressed or even get harmed.

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