Wednesday, 24 October 2012

.How humits can keep their kitties safe during Halloween (from all the ghouls and goblins)

Yeap it is this time of the year once again when humits try to scare themselves by dressing up in silly costumes (and even try to dress up their kitties too...tsss tsss...Shame on you humits, you know who you are!) and demanding to be given free candies or sweets (wherever!). If these silly humits really want to know how to get something without the need to demand too much for it they should ask their kitties for some advice, we are experts on the matter, he, he.
Nevertheless since it is a silly humit tradition which can endanger us, kitties then they are a few things that humits can try to do to keep their kitties safe!

First of all they should try and Keep your kitties indoors

If you have indoor/outdoor kitties keep them in. If you have outdoor kitties – preferable – keep them someplace safe for the night. This time of the year animals/pets can mistreated, stolen, injured or even worse killed!

Also try to keep your kitty in a safe room perhaps away from the front door with plenty of fresh water, food, litter tray, comfy bed and favourite toys especially if you are used to get a lot of trick-or-treaters. Strange people appearing at the door wearing scary costumers can stress and scare your animals
Keep any Halloween lights out of the way so your kitties can't get to them and chew them: Us, kitties, are naturally inquisitive and are likely to try to explore anything new and unfamiliar.

Don't leave a lighted jack o' lantern unattended around kitties or other animals. Accidents can happen and a swish of a tail can start a fire. We, kitties, love to climb up on tables and counters and can cause fires or even burn ourselves!

Also and very importantly most kitties don't like putting on costumes and many animals stress out when their humans dress them up. If your animal is fine with it and you do put your kitty (or doggie) in fancy dress, make sure first of all that it's safe and it doesn't obstruct hearing, movement, breathing or sight.

And finally and very importantly don't get tempted to give to your animals any Halloween candy: Chocolate is toxic and lollipop and candy-apple sticks can get stuck in an animal's throat or perforate the stomach or bowels (I was forced to add this by my humit to make things clear, I purrsonally like all treats...)
    Finally to all humits and kitties:
    Have a great and safe Halloween (Samhain)!!!

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