Friday, 2 March 2012

All lies...I'm not really a little humit!

They don't make them that good any T&J!
Don't get me wrong I do like my humits...most of the times that is but sometimes they do get on my....paws! I mean they have some strange thoughts at times that they can be only described as bizarre and preposterous...oh that was a big word for me...I'm impressed! I mean they have this strange notion and they keep accusing me of being myself like a little humit, acting and behaving like a humit...that is! From where on earth do they get those ideas from? I mean you only need to look at me...seriously now? I don't look anything like a humit to start with (thank kittygod for that, that is!). And when it comes to behaviours...not even near enough to humits behaviours...You can't accuse me of being like a humit because I occasionally raise my meow to get a bit attention or to let them know that they need to clean my litter tray that instance....or to remind them their duties...this doesn't in any way sounds or looks like humits talking...humits talking too much, too often and for no apparent reason ... Well OK I do like a bit of routine especially when it comes to my feeding times but a routine required for humit purposes only as they are very forgetful and they will need constant reminder otherwise...So what if I have a favourite toy mousse, which is mine by the way, nobody else is allowed to touch pink mousie...touch it again Choo at your own peril...and die! Besides even if I do get bored with all my other toys it's only because they have being there for far too long...a couple of week and they become old and boring you know! Also I'm not obsessed with silly humit habits like watching we go again, humit just changes the I don't want to watch your silly film humit...leave TV remote alone...I want to watch the sleuth news again,no go away, xoo, xoo humit don't you have some kind of housework to do or something else more important instead of watching my TV?
I really don't think watching TV or owning a few DVDs makes me in any way humit...OK I'm being occasionally a bit noisy and wanting to know what happens in my home but of course it's a natural behaviour for a kitty like me. It's my duty to be aware of what's going on, checking everything new that enters my domain and checking on humits all the time because they need to be looked after by responsibility I guess!. In no way I'm as talkative and chatty as humits, bossy and demanding or fussy...these are humits bad habits and behaviours and definitely not mine...all lies. Now it's time to watch my favourite TV show...on my favourite spot on sofa and better be empty and unoccupied by the humit or else!

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