Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Being the youngest is not always that great…around humits that is!

I'm in charge around here...I'm in charge here!

Really I'm not anything like my humits! I don't moan that often you know like they do..I'm a very easy going kitty and often I forgive and forget....some (no smirking please, I’m meowing the truth you know!).  But sometimes, yeap, sometimes I'm not really happy with things…some things that is and I do feel this great urge to moan a little about it...You know when things are really getting you down!
As you probably already know (and if you don’t know shame on you…how can you not know such important things about me? Ha? Shame!) I’m the youngest of the three kitties in my home (humits don’t count cause they are by a long long way too old…far too old to count their ages really!) and of course I’m in charge of things around here (as it should be naturally) and even some might say that I’m a bit spoiled and too pampered (I wouldn’t go myself too far to say spoilt…just well looked after actually!).
Wherever! Nevertheless it is nice when I get my own way (which by the way is the right way) and things go smoothly as I like them to be….but sometimes there’s trouble in my paradise and this trouble results from the existence of the other two kitties in my house!
Take for example Ripley…which according to humits she is the oldest (blah blah….) so I’m supposed to be nice and hear this…respectful to her. I mean I don’t even know what respectful means anyway…as far as it concerns me, Ripley is another cat living in my house and therefore she should obey my own rules even if she is older than me (she was already living here when my humits brought me home as wee tiny kitty…so long ago!)…I can’t understand why humits think because she’s ‘older’ than me that she has to be the one in charge here and not me…unbelievable! Age has nothing to do with the capabilities (which meowself have) of a true leader like myself…I was born a leader don’t they know or understand that….therefore I must rule them all!
As for Choo Choo…grr that annoying ginger and white pest…what does it  really mean that he’s the only boy of us three and therefore he has special privileges and also that he’s again older than me…if I hear the word respect one more time muttered by humits I will meow very very loud….MEOOOOW!

I wish humits understood once and for all that age has nothing to do in my house domain with privileges and order of things….I’m in charge and nobody else…I’ll try all the food that is available. I’ll sleep on any place I like and I bother the other two if I feel like and I’ll check everything new…so there. Humits what do you say to all these then? Ha! What did you say humit? Oh my dinner is ready…about time too…the other two had theirs ages ago you know! Not fair!

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