Monday, 21 September 2009

Monday's rumbling

Getting ready for my snoozing routine

Finally after days of netbook issues it is working again although my humat says that not all the keys are working now...and it needs more least we can all type...those keys that are not working are not of any use any way...who uses squiggle key or backward slash and wiggly parenthesis...but my humat says that this is not the point..all keys should be working on the netbook even if they are not being used. She says that you don't cut your small finger or your claws because you hardly use, no I want my claws I like them and they are very very useful...when attacking or scaring off Choo Choo...I wouldn't look that menacing without my claws and teeth...and some growling and hissing and having lots of fur and looking big, etc, etc.

Yes I think I get my humat's is a matter of purrnciple of course! But is quite annoying when because of a little machine you can't do your daily routine and as result you feel irritable and annoyed all the see routine is very important...for humats & cats. Without your routine you feel anxious and want to be in control of your ownself and environment and routine helps you to do so...If I don't have my meals on regular times I feel lost very stressed and anxious that I won't get enough food for the day...routine is everything...for example now it is time for my late afternoon snooze...I don't want to be disturbed so I can have a restful snooze and then I can wake up fresh and ready for my supper...Also Mondays are catnipdays and I expect fresh catnip to be ready for me on my scratching post...if it is not there ready for me I will be very upset and grumpy for the rest for the day...and my humats don't want me to be grumpy...they know that when I'm not in a good mood...everybody suffers...humats and cats! So they need to keep my schedules and maintain my routine for their own good...Oh well enough for the day...time for a snooze...purrs & meows for now!

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