Thursday, 24 September 2009

Kitties vs Food

Just finished my workout...where is my dinner then?

There are many stories these days in the media about overweight pets and in particular cats

(see: Although I purrsonally don't think that only pets are overweight these days (more humans are overweight comparing to cats & dogs and I have also see a lot of fat pigeons and other birds from my window pecking away in the garden...) I also think at the same time that it is not always our fault for gaining a bit of weight. A lot of the blame needs to be directed towards our way of life as us cats we are not known as a species which is very 'energetic'...except from when we are very young and not wise at all. You see cats tend to spend a of time sleeping and grooming and of course eating, even those cats that spend a lot of time outdoors....(most cats will find a nice comfy spot and will snooze till it is dinner time back at home). These days because we are well fed we don't need to use a lot of energy for hunting and catching is waiting for us in a bowl or plate and tastes in some cases even better...but even in cases that we do decide to do a little bit of real hunting we end being accused of killing unnecessarily and being a menace to the wild life (see you can't win really). No, no what I think that needs to be blamed for our little overweight issue is what we actually are given to eat...all these human premade food is not good for us and even the food that is recommended by some 'experts' can be also in some cases extremely harmful to kitties as it will not only make you fat but also cause you future serious health issues...I think humats should stop blaming us pussy cats for eating too much or even blame themselves for feeding us too much (most of us will eat when we are hungry and eat as much as we need) and instead they should start considering checking and rechecking what they are feeding us and making sure that the food they are giving us are good to be eaten by not only us but also by themselves... No good making sure that they have a healthy diet but also making also sure that us their furry babies are getting also a healthy and natural diet. No extra salt, sugar & additives please...just good quality meat & fish will do!

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