Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Kitties vs Computers and PC Doctors!

Hiding from the rest of the world...

One of the reasons that I didn't blog that often these past couple of weeks was because we are having some laptop issues. You see my humats has two, one smaller than normal ones but still almost normal size & weight which she uses for study and some work and a netbook which we all use for socializing in the internet (twitting, blogging), as well as for emailing and surfing the internet and some work too. Of course the beauty of the netbook is that is very small & portable (my humat calls it her baby and I think that she might it like it a bit more at times than she likes me especially after I have being to the kitty toilet or I bother her for food...when she calls me Oliver for some funny reason...). Netbook has become an important part of our daily life and we all (kitties & humat) learned to depend on it for all our communications and for an easy access to the rest of the world (also it is the perfect size with its mini keyboard for all our small fingers & paws...I don't have fat paws Ripley...so stop interrupting me when I'm typawing). What we had of course we've never expected that it was possible to go 'funny' and stop working so soon after we got it...laptops and computers we had in the past lasted all for a long long time as we are all good in maintaining and keeping them in good shape.

Thankfully it still has its quarantine so we called the laptop hospital and some laptop doctor came to our home to fix it. He didn't know what kind of illness it had or what cause its illness but he ended up replacing his vital organs, brain (hard drive) twice...it had stopped working, heart (motherboard) twice as it was corrupting the brain and then it seemed that the mini had become a new mini again (although humat wasn't that pleased, she had to reinstall everything from scratch) although all drivers, operating system and software needed to be reinstalled (we were all happy for having another laptop and having back up almost everything). Finally we all believed that everything was fine with the mini & we were all happy (except humat who was still moaning for the loss of time and work...humats always moan anyway and they are never happy), it was working again and we could now carry on with our daily routines once more...yeapee...right!

Unfortunately like with many brain & heart operations the patient often doesn't come out intact! In some cases you will have some side effects to deal with...in our mini case its legs & arms were not all working properly (I mean the keyboard of course silly kitties...) not all the fingers (keys) were working and we ended up with 5 fingers/paws not working...at all....rather annoyed after all this trouble and replacements! So we called the laptop people again who they send the PC doctor once again who changed motherboard (yes again!) and keyboard with no effect...still keys weren't working...Dell people then were supposed to call me so we could install new drivers (doctor's diagnosis was that the drivers were not installed properly....) but they didn't so my humat called instead them last night...She spend 2 & half hours on phone when another online doctor took over the mini through remote viewer and downloaded drivers & other stuff which again didn't fix the problem...Now my humat at this point was getting really really frustrated...her mini was not her mini anymore...almost everything had changed and still wasn't working properly so she ended up speaking with the online doctor's manager who reassured her that the only solution was to change the HARD DRIVE AGAIN! So the laptop doctor will be coming again to change it in a couple of days (humat wants time to recover before she has to reinstall everything once more) and if the mini is not fixed then....well that laptop doctor will have to deal not only with my humat but also with me & the rest of the kitty gang as we all getting fed up now and very very annoyed....growls & hisses...I think I need some rescue remedy to calm me down now! Meow!

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