Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Kitties indoors

A wholeshelf to my self!

The other day my humats had a little 'riff' with next door neighbour about their kitty, Dora being left outside especially since she is not that well too and needs a lot of medication and care on a daily basis. Well my honest opinion on the matter is that I purrsonally prefer it to be an indoor kitty...I don't like the world outside, it smells and sounds very strange and makes me feel nervous and scared every time the door or window is open. I have tried to be brave and explore what is beyond the outside door but I found it very intimidating and went straight back to my safe place upstairs next to my catnipped scratching post. You see I was born from indoors kitties indoors and lived all my life indoors...which I like it just fine...

I get all I need by staying safe and sound indoors. I get regular good food (wet and dry), fresh water, clean available at all times litter trays, scratching posts for trimming, scent marking and exercising, high above the ground places to sleep, rest and observe all the cute little birdies outside which I don't feel the need to kill and catch as I have my own toys which I can use to entertain myself and help my humats entertain themselves too...and most importantly I get attention and care from my humats 24 hours a day because they are always there for me so they can make sure that I don't get bored or sleep all day long. The way I see it is that I have it a lot more better than poor Dora from next door who spends all her time in our garden either sleeping in her little cardboard box, which my humats have provided her with or wanting to be fed and get some attention from my own humats because they are here all the time and have not left her outside on her own because they can't be there to give her the attention she needs... no thank you I'll stick with my humats and being indoors instead purrrr!

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