Friday, 27 August 2010

You can't let food get wasted, can you now?

See? Food about to get wasted without my help!  
I'm a very,very considered kitty....not only I understand that my humits are only humits with their many faults which they can't control at times or they are even aware that they have, but I'm also very helpful at times. You see, I do understand that humits need what they call 'money' (don't know why really humits are making their lives too complicated and they need something else to use to get something else....too complicated and pointless in my opinion...) so they can buy me food, toys and shacks, etc and I know that they need quite a lot of money to do so and therefore they need to work to get that money (again don't get it why they don't just get my food direct instead of using an intermediate...humits so overestimated, when really they have no common sense at times!) so to help and to show my appreciation I will make sure that no food around gets wasted...I know one of the things that humits tend to moan about a lot is about waste...what we kitties apparently waste at home! The funny thing is that humits are OK with the things they waste...far too much food which they won't eat, far too many clothes, shoes, bags etc which they don't need or use all the time...etc.
So it is rather annoying though that humits accuse us that we are wasteful when we clearly don't need too many things like they do (or they think they do) as we have no need for clothes, shoes, accessories, toiletries and make up (and whatever they buy for us with exception of course of food, litter and the occasional toy or scratching area if they won't let us use what is free and available in the house that is...). So I try to help humits as much as I can by making sure that no kitty food is getting wasted and even in some cases some humit food too which clearly humits are about to waste...So all the accusations of me being greedy and eating others' food are not valid and they are only rumours spread by those who don't really like me (the other ones that live here and who don't like me because I'm the humits favourite quite clearly and right so). So to make it clear once and for all, I don't steal others' food, do not bully them so I can have their dinners and most definitely I don't eat all that food because I'm greedy or because I like food...I'm only doing it to help and support my humits...clear? Now I'm going downstairs to check if any of the other two has left...I meant wasted their food again...purrs and meows for now!


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