Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Holidays....grrr! (Part 2)

today...assisting humit with work!

Well I thought I carry on with my little explanation on why I really really hate humits' holidays as I've promised yesterday since holidays can be a very traumatic experience for us kitties and all other humit companions (those pesky dogs included too...grr!).
You see, the thing is that although I kinda understand (I thinkz) that perhaps humits because of the work they do outdoors (although my humits work indoors...they are indoors like me, he, he) they might need a little break now and then but what I don't really understand is why they need to go away and leave us with sometimes totally strangers or even in worse case scenarios to even strange, unfamiliar places....don't they know how stressful their holidays are to us? We are creatures of habit and comfort and anything that upsets our routine can cause permanent psychological and even physical damages...because no one can look after us properly than our humit servant or carer as they seem to prefer it (in their little minds that is...).
I mean take for example my own recent and very painful experience...humit1 has to go away for a week (on what she called a study week...yeah right...we all know too well what kind of a week that was really...) and she left me (and the other two of course but they don't really count as they didn't seem to care that much or take a lot of notice...) in the care of humit2...a humit who, we all know pretty well that he is not in reality capable of even looking after himself, let alone looking after three other very demanding and pampered kitties...well, the other two I meant they are very demanding and pampered...I purrsonally don't fall to that category as I'm well behaved and not at all demanding...yeah really!
The problem you see was not really that food was always late, not the right size, portion or even flavour...pate only served in the morning, fish in jelly is in the menu for afternoon and dinner...biscuits bowl should at all times kept full and water needs to be changed regularly and not once a day...and please do not let me start with the state of the litter trays...that humit is not one of the cleanest of his species it appears from his own toilet habits and I'm not gossiping here...really!
But when it comes to attention and play time he has so much to learn....he doesn't seem to understand the concept of 'meowww....give me attention right now' as well as humit1 and has no idea on how to rub a belly or scratch behind ears and under chins...and has the audacity to complain about scratches on his legs and knees when I sat on his lap...doesn't he know that I have claws and that I need to use them now and then?...dear me...what a humit...!
And these are just a few of the traumatic events that took place while humit1 was away...so you understand how pleased I was to see humit1 back again and everything going back to normal (although I had to play it hard to get for a while...for about an hour so humit1 knew that I was very annoyed with her). Hopefully no more holidays or away weeks for whatever reason are not in humits' agenda ever again because I'm going to be very very annoyed if Ihave to go through such a hell ever again....grrr I hate humit holidays!

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