Friday, 20 August 2010

When humits are busy...

Where are the humits when you need them?   

quite useful to have around at all times, especially when you succeed in training them to read your moods and even your body language so they know when it is dinner time without you having to tell them every single boring! But there are humits though who are completely hopeless and of low intelligent as they can't seem to be able to master simple signs such as: 'I'm hungry now...feed now...not later'....but what can you do, you learn to live and cope with what you have got to work least they can provide with a roof above your head and some food at times I guess!
In a sense I'm kinda lucky that my humits are pretty intelligent for humit standards that is, so I have no problems with communications...they have learned and adapted to all my needs and they always comply...Always except when they are busy that is because they are doing other things which they think they are more important than attending to my needs...I mean how work can be more important than my need to get attention and to play with when I'm in the mood for playing that is...How can they justify ignoring my demands for attention and play time and continue to do 'work' is beyond my intelligent thinking...really! Other than that I'm quite satisfy with my humits...I wonder though if there is some form of medication that the vet might be able to prescribe, since he was a cure for everything that it might help to get attention when humits seem preoccupied....hmmm...need to find out I thinkz!

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