Monday, 2 August 2010

Holidays, grrrr! (Part 1)


OK, there are a few things in life that I really hate (among other kitties in my turf, doggies, humit kiddies....too noisy for my liking....dinner not on time, small portions, etc....but we are not going to mention all of my little dislikes here, really!) but the one thing that really annoys me right now is this humit word that they are using far too enough this time of the year...holidays...I mean why humits really need, kitties, do not considere going on holidays...ever...because we don't need to go on holidays, really, as everyday is a holiday for us...good food, entertainment and a lot of attention...what else a kitty needs? Well, the same should apply for humits then...they get good food all year around...get a lot of entertainment from different sources and they also get a lot of attention from us...and even in some cases they seem to complain that we do give them too much...see?
So why do they need to spoil everything by going on holiday then? Why do they need a break? We don't ask for a break away from our humits now, do we? Of course not as we do appreciate all the good things in life...humits included! So why humits have to go away for a whole week and leave us in the care of other humits who are not capable of looking us after properly? Even if humit2 is the one left behind to look after us, still things are not the same when humit1 is not around...our life changes for ever...(to be continued...tomorrow as I'm out of time right now)

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