Sunday, 22 July 2007

A nice day - 22nd July

You see one of my favourite things is sleeping in high above the ground places, something that many of us cats like doing it, not only because we feel safer but because this way we can have a better view of everything that is happening and know if everything else is going to happen. This is why I like sleeping on window sills (if I can fit as I'm a bit 'wider' these days than I used to be, as sometimes can't help myself and say no to biscuits or to a bit of food that the other too might have left hanging around...well you see I do enjoy eating, one of the pleasures of a cat's life), tables, desks, shelves and everything that it is above ground and it can take my weight, which sometimes means things like computer towers which I call cat towers.

Humans seem to have this silly habit of buying new things, things that often don't really need and to replace things that they don't need replacing. A good example is computers and mobile phones. People change them all the day with what they call 'upgrading', which basically means getting something that it does something that the previous gadget wouldn't do and that they don't really need. Like phones that can play music and take pictures or surf the net while at the same time they have separate MP3 players, digi cameras and computers....There are of course other occasions when upgrading is necessary when computers break down (we had that experience quite recently) or become too old to cope with modern technology or simple had their day. Nevertheless the fact remains that we end up with many gadgets that they have no use any more but they still take a lot of space at home and this is where we cats come and make at least some use of these gadgets. For example a computer tower makes a nice resting place for a few days that is till we find something else, new.

But of course since today it is a really nice sunny day the race is on to find the most sunny spot in the house and claim it first. Choo Choo has his own sunny place, a run down cardboard box and I have mine, the table which is quite high, wide and mine, all mine. Plus with the window next by I also get some fresh air too. It is the best place there in the house and it is mine and I don't have to share. Well, I let the humans use it occasionally e.g. to have their dinner providing of course that they clean their mess afterwards.

Anyway I waste a lot of time typing and it is time to go back to my sunny spot before the sun disappears for the day. Now that both my humans are finally home I can relax and enjoy the rest of my Sunday afternoon.

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