Saturday, 21 July 2007

A very quiet day - Friday 20th July

I mentioned in my previous post that one of my two humans has being away for a couple of days for business matters leaving me with the other two cats and my other human (in a sense I'm glad that it was the male one and not the female that had to go as I'm more fond of her since she is the one that she feeds us and generally looks after us without getting annoyed that easily...well accidents do happen when sometimes I move casually around!). I've also mentioned that it felt really strange in the house as it was much more quieter and unsettling at times wonderingaround. You will be surprised how much space a human can take, not that they are physically that huge, they are of course much more bigger than us cats and at times they can look rather intimidating, when they are standing in front of you, which explains why I prefer my female human because she is not only much smaller but also quite often when she is talking or playing with or when she is 'grooming' me she bends down and she speaks in a quieter voice that doesn't sound too loud and deafening either....

Anyway the human presence in general feels quite overpowering and it feels that it takes too much space simply because humans like to be noticed by other humans or other species and don't like to be secretive or to be ignored when they move about because that can make them feel insignificant and unimportant. Oh, the human vanity, it is well known among all other species that they have encountered humans on this planet and....Anyway humans simply can't bear the thought that they could be considered not as important as they think that they are masters of the world and they foolishly elieve that they can control and know everything....Oh well, they do have their good points I guess, I do get good food, a lot of pampering and often I can get away with murder if I look cute enough and make silly pathetic noises that humans call 'meowing'. What else can a cat ask for?

Back to my story now and to my own humans, who might not be perfect but at least they are mine and I'm quite happy with them. As I was saying the day went really slowly and felt very strange, having only one human in the house. Everything was as normal as she is the one that feeds us and generally looks after us so she got up pretty early, fed us as normal, put the telly on (she normally tells him off because he keeps the telly on all the time without necessarily watching anything, for 'noise and company' as he says) so the house wasn't that quiet (although she soon got fed up with the Golf and she put a Tom & Jerry DVD on...I can't blame her, golf is a boring sport - as I can't see where the little ball on the screen is to chase it with my paw...)

Then she went back to her work and spend most of the day working on her computer till dinner time when she got up to feed us again. The break in the normality was early in the evening when she played some music as she normally won't do it as he is the one who plays his own music which she really hates. You see, he has a passion for what he calls '80s music' and she thinks that it is generally rubbish - I do share her opinion as that music can easily drive any healthy pussycat to a nervous breakdown.

So afterwards she was back to working, then having a little break to play with me and the other two, than some late dinner for her (she normally likes eating late as she goes to bed rather late or very early in the she likes working or studying at night when it is much quieter and easier for her to concentrate with few distractions - again I totally sympathise with her, it is better at night for play, work, prey and study...

So although nothing out of the ordinary happened all day, yet it felt strange and my other human's absence was noticed. It is so much better when he is around too, not only because I can get attention and also help him with his work on the computer (you can see I can type with my paws and click the mouse - although I could never understood why that plastic thing with buttons and the little red light is called a mouse, as clearly doesn't look anything at all like a mouse) but also because I like him too.

So I'm glad that the day has gone and that he is coming home today, so everything can go back to normal as I definitely like both my humans to be home.

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