Thursday, 19 July 2007

Thursday 19th July - A rather strange day

I don't know if I've mentioned it before or not (probably I didn't as I was in a hurry yesterday) but I live in a house with two humans (a couple as they called themselves ) and two other cats (a female, 4 years older than me - I'm 3 - and a male, two years older). Before I give a quick description of my two humans I'll say a few words about the other cats who share the same roof with me. The female is a black one, a rather easily scared cat although she has improved a lot the last few months, and who I know how to put in her place. You see she knows that I'm the top cat, the one in charge and she will do whatever I tell her to do. She has her own hiding and sleeping places and I have mine, which she respects (by the way in case that you didn't know we, cats, have our own hierarchy system so we can live in perfect harmony in shared environments). The male one is white with, you won't believe this, ginger patches (yeap you read correctly, ginger) and he used to be a stray cat and was adopted and brought to our little family almost two years ago. Despite his history and the fact that he is a recent 'addition' he has some attitude problems and instead of being grateful and respectful he wants to be the top cat and occasionally he even tries to get his own way with the humans (poor thing, sometimes he can be soooo stupid and naive, you have to feel sorry for him...well I don't, as he is a pain in the ... tail!)

Anyway back to my humans now who they are at home all the time (well, almost) as they work from home, since we moved here and therefore they can give me attention, food and play with them when I feel like. You see we moved here into this small sea town about 8 months ago and there hasn't been a night that my humans haven't being around. Of course they go out occasionally for what they call 'choruses' and work related matters but they have always returned on the same day. Except from today that is.

My male human earlier today left the house with a small backpack and he hasn't being back yet. This is very strange and unusual but apparently he had to go back to London (where we used to live) for work matters and he won't be back till late on Saturday (I heard my other human saying on the phone). I mean this isn't something totally strange for human behaviour as he works for a London company but it feels really weird. For starters the house is really quiet. My other human is being working all day on her computer and although the TV is on, it still feels strange as there is hardly any human talking (except from her talking to me and the others) disagreeing or complaining about the mess one of us did in the litter tray (another subject which I will like to bring at some other time) or the amount of food we cats eat, etc.

To be honest I've never thought that I will miss the human noise they call talking, discussing and that the lack of it will make me feel really uncomfortable. Even the house feels really empty as the other two cats are sleeping (as usual) and my human is downstairs working so there is nobody upstairs although there is plenty of light.

I've never realised how much I have got used to my humans and how much their presence affects our lives till now. Scary, we are too dependent on these humans.

I can just hope that my remaining human doesn't have to go out tomorrow for a lengthy period as I don't think I will be able to cope with a totally empty of humans house!

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