Wednesday, 18 July 2007

July 18th - A sunny day

It has been a really really bad summer. Not because of the rain and the not so warm weather but also because of the limited number of birds that are visiting our garden. You see I'm a cat that likes spending a lot of time sitting on the window sill or on the shelf and picking up sun rays while I observe the world outside, mostly the birds that are coming to eat and drink in our modest garden as well as that daring devil, mouse that occasionaly appears so he can steal some seeds from the birds without worrying about any predators. Although I'm an indoor cat and I don't consider myself as a predator as such, there are other cats that occasionally are visiting our garden (the nerve!) as well as the occasional sparrowhawk or other birds of prey as we live in small town with a lot of wildlife around us.

But in general our garden is pretty safe, this is why we have many bird visitors on a daily basis. Their main enemy at the moment is the notorious English summer...But today after almost a month and a half finally we have some sun and it is hot enough so I can sunbath next to the window. Normally my day is pretty busy, despite the general conception of us cats being lazy, I always find something to do and to be helpful but today I decided to make the most of the weather as sunny and warm days they have become this summer a rarity!

I was planning to give a better picture of my daily life but today I feel a bit lazy so I will do this at another time as now it is getting a bit late and I'm off to have my lunch and to make the most of this wonderful life.

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